Lost Ark – Levelling Up

Choosing a Server

Before starting the game you must choose one of the available servers. The created characters are only available on this server, which means you’ll always have to play on it – this is very important if you want to play with more people.

It doesn’t matter much if you play solo – you can make your choice based on the Status column, which tells you of the current server load. If the server is heavily loaded during the hours you intend to play the game at, you can have problems joining because of the large number of players.

Character Creation – Choosing a Main Class

Character creation, despite what it may seem like, wouldn’t matter much if it wasn’t for choosing a character class. In Lost Ark you must first choose a class, then a specialization (Advanced Class). Some classes have only one specialization, others have more. By using the button on the bottom of the Advanced Class Preview screen you’ll see an animation demonstrating the class’ playstyle, that is, their mobility, how quickly their attacks land, whether they focus on single-target or AoE attacks – there are many factors here. In the bottom-right corner you’ll see the class’ attributes and the Difficulty of playing it – you shouldn’t pay too much attention to it, the difficulty depends on the player and their playstyle. You’ll find more info regarding the classes in the Character classes and progression chapter of our guide.

As you can see on the class selection list, some of them are divided into male and female – this matters a lot, as both genders have different subclasses.

Fun fact: You can hover your cursor over an exclamation point when selecting a class to see the distribution of the classes on the server. This can help you decide whether you want to choose a supporting class, choose the most popular one and get many tips from other,s or choose a rare class and amaze others with your unusual playstyle.

Character’s Appearance

The character’s appearance is important to some players, yet to others it doesn’t matter whatsoever. You can quickly select one of the pre-set faces or use some simple tools to customize it to your liking.

Your character appearance can be changed in the menu at any time.

Clothing is irrelevant – it changes along with your gear.

Choosing and Testing a Subclass

You can’t change classes or subclasses after starting the game.

After choosing your class and editing your appearance, you’ll be moved to the starting area. Before choosing your subclass you can try out every single one in the arena: you can summon enemies and you get some pre-set skills to see if the class suits you. The best class is the one you enjoy playing the most.

Character Selection and Character Change Screen

Each time you start up the game and join the server, you’ll be greeted with the screen pictured above. Here you can select one of your created characters and enter the game by clicking Launch.

On this screen you can also: change the character’s name, their appearance, create new characters – 6 at most. They can share their equipment and group skills as well as collect secrets and continent progress together.

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