Lost Ark – All Mokoko Seed Locations (Prideholme)

This is a guide to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Prideholme.

Prideholme – Mokoko Seeds Locations

The Map

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Mokoko Seeds

First Two Mokoko Seeds

You have to go off the map to find these two Mokoko Seeds. They are inside the cathedral in the top left corner. There you’ll have to walk through the wall and find your way through an invisible labyrinth to get to the seeds.

Third Mokoko Seed

This seed is beside the huge tree to the right of the cathedral.

Fourth Mokoko Seed

You can find this by a small tree beside the first staircase.

Fifth Mokoko Seed

This one is found by the lion statue that you can find close to the Pet Management.

Sixth Mokoko Seed

It’s right outside Neria’s Tavern to the right.

Seventh Mokoko Seed

You can find this seed if you walk down the stairs that are close to your mail. It’s a bit tricky to find, because it’s kinda behind the house to the left of the staircase.

Eighth Mokoko Seed

This is found at the bottom right part of the map in the middle of a field.

Ninth Mokoko Seed

This one is also found at the bottom right part of the map, but further to the left by a carriage.

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