Lost Ark – Scrapper Guide: Guardian Raid Tips (Tier 1)

Guardian Raid Tips for Scrapper (T1)

These are just general tips for a SCRAPPER. These are not full mechanic breakdowns. Learn the mechanics by watching a video or reading a guide before you enter, it’s common etiquette.


Just smack him until he dies. Counter him when you can.


Just smack him until he dies. Counter him when you can.

Legoros of Frost

When he does a 360 spin, dodge to the SIDE. Getting permafrozen by this boss SUCKS, so try not to. This is a general tip that everyone should know, but I see A TON of people get frozen by this thing. When you down the boss (You’re playing scrapper so YOU WILL.) he does a big boom when he gets up, so run away before he does. Just smack him while dodging his AoEs. Counter him when you can.


This boss sucks to solo as a melee class, play it in a group if you can. Avoid trying to maximize back attacks as the boss will tail swipe often, attack him from an ordinal direction (NOT DIRECTLY BEHIND OR IN FRONT OF BOSS). Just smack him while dodging the AoEs and don’t get frozen by the bombs. You can also help down the boss if someone gets grabbed. Counter him when you can.


You’re OP here using either build. You have plenty of Stagger damage skills to down the boss. You also have plenty of Part Break skills to break his shell, making him much less tanky. Keep smacking him afterwards. Counter him when you can.


You’re OP here using either build. You have plenty of Stagger damage skills to down the boss in order to break his tail. You need to use Weak Point (Corrosion Bomb) on the tail when he is down to break it. This boss is trivial with the tail broken. Break the tail. Counter him when you can.

Flame Fox Yoho

This boss SUCKS when pugged, play it in a group of friends if you can. The dark version is even worse so look forward to that. You get an attack buff during certain attacks of hers that will also apply a burn on you. When she does her breath attack, walk into it and then walk out immediately so you get the attack buff. Don’t stand in it and take extra damage. When she creates her flame ring, THERE IS ONLY ONE BUFF SO DON’T TAKE THE ATTACK BUFF FROM CLASSES THAT DO MORE DAMAGE THAN YOU. If there is a deadeye, gunslinger, or summoner in your party, leave the circle and give the buff to them. When she does the orb attack, get hit by 3 orbs to get the attack buff. When she goes into her Stagger damage check, start smacking her until she downs. Don’t stand in the random fire patches unless you need to because your party messed up. Counter her when you can.


Do NOT get petrified by the sandstorm until he uses his 1 shot mechanic. If you get petrified you can’t be petrified again for 30 seconds which may be too late. He starts the 1 shot mechanic around 2-3 attacks after he uses his earthquake. If you get petrified right before he uses his 1 shot mechanic you’ll have to run out of range or else you’ll get 1 shot and force the boss into enrage. Either way you are GRIEFING YOUR PARTY in some capacity if you get petrified before the 1 shot. If someone gets boomed by his 1 shot, he will enrage and will be able to cast his 1 shot ability IMMEDIATELY along with gaining attack speed and damage. you need to down the boss to return him to normal but this is a VERY heavy Stagger damage check without a counter. Counter him when you can, especially if he’s enraged.

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