Jagged Alliance 3 – Starter Choices

Starter Choices Tips

Liverwire – Arguably the best mechanic in the game. Very high mech stat right off the bat, extra cash from hacking, enemy scan if you bother to scout pretty handy. Also, high wisdom for great scaling. You can replace her with Vicky eventually but it’ll totally fine to keep her up until the end;

Barry – Awesome explosives expert, high wisdom for scaling and great talent which generates explosives for free;

MD/Fox – Medic slot. Fox is more on offensive side, MD is more supportive. People seem to prefer former, I prefer MD because I’m more into traditional RPG roles distribution. Got both eventually. Also, it seems MD raises his salary at higher rate than others.

IMP – While arguably may get outscalled by lategame mercs, being free and in control of starting stats makes them valid permanent choice throughout the game.

I suggest set Ex/Md/Mch to 0, leaving those to specialists and max everything except STR (you won’t have spare points for it).

You need char with high Leadership stat as there are no real leaders available early, STR is mostly for carrying stuff, usually lots of mercs have reasonable amount of it to carry things for you.

If you follow my suggestions, at this point you’re left with 2 more slots and tbh they don’t matter much, just take what complements your team the most, here’s what I took:

Kalyna – Awesome earlygame merc, decent shot and mechanic in one package. Her talent which ignores armor is a boss killer. Low wisdom and absurd salary raises over time makes it bad idea to keep her for lategame. To give you idea, in June 14d contract costs as much as 14d contract with elite mechanic Vicky.

Grizzly – Strong guy with machinegun and quite cheap.

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