Jagged Alliance 3 – Beginners Tips

Helpful Tips for Noobs

Note: Credit goes to Mack

One thing I know some people don’t know is that apart from certain story missions, you can stack your entire merc team up to the 15 person limit into a single zone.

When you get into a “fight”, you aren’t forced to actually do it. You can just leave it there and call for backup and once all your people are there you can then hit the fight button.

I’ve had a few fights that would be damn near impossible for a single merc team to do but are doable with 12 and quite simple with 15. I use two squads of 6 as the main hitters, and have a trio as the 3rd squad (which I pick a high Leadership character to train militia, and the other two are good at adding muscle to auto-resolve outpost attack fights).

Try to stick to weapons that use 7.62 Nato and 7.62 WP. Ammo is a pain in the ass to manage, and the weapons that use that are good anyway. Makes it easier when you know what you need to craft. At least for your “main” squad. The second squad will be a bit harder to equip.

Note that if you split people out of squads they take half of all the ammo & supplies with them. The best way to move ♥ between squads is to bring all of them to a single point and go into the tactical map. An alternative way is to pick a central zone and stash things there.

MP5’s, Pistols and SMG’s suck. Rifles and Machineguns are good. Snipers are exceptional. Shotguns are a good backup and 12g Breacher rounds in close combat are deadly.

A good mid-game weapon set are AK74s (don’t confuse them with AK47’s), M24 Snipers, HK21 Machine Gun (this thing is a laser beam with the right setup) and AA12 Shotguns.

Rocket and Grenade Launcher enemies don’t seem to have any range limitations. They should be priority one almost all the time.

My priority for attachments are:

  • 1) Suppressors and Recoil Boosters.
  • 2) Sniper Scopes or Thermal Scopes (Thermal requires Chips, quite rare).
  • 3) Heavy Stocks & Extended Gain Twist Barrels, Shotgun Extended Barrel
  • 4) Bipods for Snipers & Machine Guns
  • 5) Bipods/Vertical Grip for or Grenade Launchers for Rifles
  • 6) Expanded Mags
  • 7) Quick Prism Scope on Shotguns
  • 8) UV Dot (Chip requirement makes these DOA and the Flashlight is wasting parts)

Steel Pipes are easy to get. Chips and Lens are not.

Barry’s shaped charges are gamewinners in the right situation, don’t waste them. If you’re getting swarmed by enemies one or two of these in the right place can obliterate an entire squad worth of enemy troops. Must have unit IMO.

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