Gladiator Guild Manager – Pyromancer Class Attributes Guide

A short guide on what the different attributes do for a pyromancer class and some key milestones and rough guidance.

Guide to Pyromancer Class Attributes


From now on, we will use some standard abbreviations to make everything more readable.

  • Strength = STR
  • Agility = AGI
  • Intelligence = INT


The Pyromancer is an extremely simple but effective AoE damager dealer, but also extremely squishy. When starting with default settings you don’t start with the necessary building, but you can build it and Pyromancers can appear from day1 in the gladiator shop.

It only posesses a single skill, being really effective vs clustered piles of enemies. Against single or spaced out targets it is advisable to keep the Pyromancer at home, as its damage here can’t compare to something like an Archer.

Keeping Pyromancers alive is a tricky issue though, as it lacks any sort of damage mitigation against ranged attacks.


Sky Fire Bolt

Simpler people would call it fire ball or meteor. A rather slow casting Area of Effect spell causing significant damage on impact and some further burning damage.

Be reminded that there are a bunch of items which have special effects vs. burning enemies.

  • Damage: 3 STR + 0.5 INT
  • Burning Damage: 4 INT
  • AoE: 1.6 + 0.038 STR, caps at 3.5
  • Execution Time: 2.25 – 0.013* AGI, caps at 0.75
  • Cooldown: 2 – 0.008 AGI, caps at 0.75

Effects by Attribute


  • 3 Sky Fire Bolt damage.
  • 0.038 Sky Fire Bolt AoE (caps at 50 STR, +118% improvement).


  • -0.013 Sky Fire Bolt execution time (caps at 115 AGI, +200% improvement).
  • -0.008 Sky Fire Bolt cooldown (caps at 156 AGI, +166%% improvement).


  • 0.5 Sky Fire Bolt damage.
  • 4 Sky Fire Bolt burning damage.


  • The Pyromancer really shines when it can hit 3+ enemies with a single Fireball Sky Fire Bolt. Since you don’t have any damage mitigation skill, remember to give the Pyromancer a bit more Health than you would with other comparable ranged characters.
  • Also always keep a look on the Stamina cost. It is possible to get Stamina costs on Sky Fire Bolt that exceed the initial Stamina of your Pyromancer. You look really stupid when this happens. Have been there, trust me.
  • But when looking at the core attributes, the Pyromancer holds some surprise. Even though it looks like a caster, it’s most important attribute is STR, especially when you haven’t maxed your AoE yet (this happens at STR 50). This goes so far that I would prioritize STR items for a Pyromancer instead of a melee character as long as the AoE cap isn’t reached. Because as I initially said, the Pyromancer shines only when hitting multiple targets. AoE lets you do this. If you don’t get AoE, just use an Archer for single target pewpew.
  • Once you have reached 50 STR, you have a decision to make.
  • In fact I have seen people argue for each of the 3 attributes to dump into. First of all, I would recommend not to dump into AGI though. Yes, the idea of the Pyromancer spamming those bolts every 0.75 seconds is really funny. But remember the Stamina cost. Even without any AGI, you will need a good amount of Stamina to keep her barrage running. Hurling 3 times as many Bolts won’t help you there with the Stamina management.
  • So this leaves us with STR and INT. STR is great for direct damage, while INT gives you significant burning damage. Generally I would say that STR is better when targetting the back line, while INT excels vs. front liners. Since is is much easier to get the opponents melee to clump up, I usually end up with going for INT here.


  • Get 50 STR asap.
  • Get as much Health and Stamina as needed.
  • Dump rest into INT (or STR, if all you care is direct damage).

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