Geometry Dash – How to Free the Demon Guardian

This guide will help you to free the Demon Guardian from his cage.

Guide to Free the Demon Guardian

The Challenge

  • First you have to go to the vault of secrets and type in “the challenge”.
  • Then beat the challenge.
  • This will unlock the basement.

The Guardian

After claiming your reward, press the button to exit the basement, and the demon guardian will appear.

Talk to him, and 3 locks will appear.

Orange lock

  • To unlock this lock, you have to go to the chaos gauntlet.
  • Complete all 5 levels.
  • Then claim the key from the blue chest.
  • Take the key.
  • Go to the basement, and unlock the lock.

Blue Lock

  • To get unlock the blue lock, first you have to earn 500 diamonds.
  • Then go into scratches shop, buy the master emblem.
  • Then go to the screen after fingerdash that says, more levels coming soon, click the space under the text, and enter the door.
  • Then claim the blue key from the gatekeeper of time.

Green lock

  • To get the green lock, you first have to unlock 50 demon chests, which you need 50 demon keys for.
  • To get demon keys just play some rated levels until you unlock then all.
  • Every 500 orbs you get (not from chests) you also get 1 demon key for.
  • So in total you have to earn 25000 orbs.

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