Geometry Dash – Demon Progression Guide

A guide to Geometry Dash demon progression, from Easy to Extreme Demons!

Guide to Demon Progression


I have only beaten 187 Demons, 4 of those being extreme demons, so I can’t say I’m the most experienced GD player in history, but I am good at the game. If you’re struggling with demon progression, I have made a ladder of demon milestones for you to try. You don’t have to follow this exactly, but this is the way I am beating demons and I’m finding it very useful so far. Please keep in mind this guide is entirely based off my personal experience.

The Beginning: Easy Demons

You’re going to want to start off with beating 9 Easy Demons. You can beat the lightning road and/or the nightmare if you want, but I’d go with more fast paced levels to help you get used to quick gameplay and to improve your sightreading ability. Levels such as: Hold on (65947116), iSpyWithMyLittleEye (89886591), iS (65765662), etc. are perfect examples of sightreadable, easy demons.

Medium Demons

Once you’ve beaten 9 Demons. Go for any Medium Demon as your 10th Demon. I’d personally recommend B (34085027) or Dolbit Normalno (63405062). Dolbit Normalno helps with consistency and timing while B helps with bossfight levels. I’d personally choose B, as it is a lot easier to sightread, but Dolbit Normalno is very flashy and difficult to comprehend. Once you’ve done that, basically repeat what you did, and beat another Medium Demon as your 20th.

Hard Demons

After that, you should beat a Hard Demon as your 25th. I would in fact go for a Hard Demon that will challenge you as it will boost your skills in whatever area you are lacking (I beat Nine Circles, a wave-heavy level as my first Hard Demon, because I struggled with wave gameplay, and it seriously helped me since). So your first Hard Demon will either be the same, or different from everyone else’s depending on where you struggle the most.

Once you’ve beaten a Hard Demon, you’re free to do whatever you want in terms of demon progression, you can beat as many Easy-Hard Demons as you like, but once you have a total of 49 Demons completed, it’s time to beat an Insane Demon as your 50th Demon.

Insane Demons

I would personally recommend Supersonic (4706930), as it is a fast paced demon that challenges overall every skill-set in the game. In my opinion it’s the easiest Insane Demon in the game. However, most people claim it is Magma Bound, which is also a fast paced Insane Demon that covers most skill-sets.(56568010) And I would agree on that it weren’t as difficult to sightread (Magma Bound uses an Artistic 2.1 Style, where Supersonic is a more simplistic 1.9 Style).

Once again, you’re free to do whatever you want, however I’d recommend beating an Insane Demon as your 75th and 95th Demon, before moving on to your first Extreme Demon as your 100th Demon.

Extreme Demons

At this point, you should make an Extreme Demon Pattern for how often you beat an Extreme. For example, I beat an Extreme Demon as my next 25th Demon. I beat Acu (61079355) as my 100th, Doradura (77114615) as my 125th, Napalm (65561437) as my 150th and Azurite (62214792) as my 175th. However, your Extreme Demon pattern can go however you like. It could be every 10 Demons, 100 Demons, or straight up random. It might be difficult to find a beginner Extreme Demon as they go from being as easy as Acu to as Impossible as Slaughterhouse (27690100), so here is a list of beginner Extremes to try:

Entry Extreme Demon List

  • Acu (61079355)
  • Doradura (77114615)
  • Napalm (65561437)
  • Azurite (62214792)
  • Make it Drop (75518661)
  • Cataclysm (3979721)
  • Forbidden Isle (63775846)
  • Reverence (63433024)
  • Troll Level (76196489)
  • CYCLONE (54917442)

The End

And after you beat one Extreme, you’re finished with your progression to becoming a Geometry Dash pro. I am currently going for Bloodbath as my 200th Demon and 5th Extreme, and I plan on beating my first List Demon as my 250th Demon! Please remember this is all recommendation and that you can beat any type of Demon whenever you want, so if you’re feeling crazy enough you can try to beat Sakupen Circles (76962930) as your first Demon. I hope this guide (somehow) helps someone out, and I wish you all luck in your Geometry Dash future.

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