Project Crypt – How to Clone Items

Note that this only works for items that can be put in your quick slot.

Guide to Clone Items

Cloning Items

  1. Equip any item that can be put in your quick slot using the keybinds (1,2,3).
  2. Select the item in your inventory and right click it.
  3. Click the “Drop” button and one of the 1-3 keys on your keyboard at the same time to place that item into the quick slot.

Done, you might get an error in top-left corner of your screen, if so, good, you should now see the item you dropped but also that same item in your hand.

Note: Items which can be stacked can only be cloned if you have only 1 item (example if you have 2 bandages instead of one it won’t work, you need to have only 1).

Note 2: Do not pick up any of the items you have dropped using this bug (expect for items which can stack), the game will place the item you took on the same place as the item you tried to clone, making you use it as 1 item instead of 2.

Example: dropping the pills, don’t pick up the pills until you use the pills currently in your hand, because they can’t stack, upon picking up the pills before using the ones in your hand the game will take that as you picking up 1 pill so using it will make you use that 1 pill, and you will be left without any pills at all.

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