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Some questions are marked as spoiler. It is recommended to reach Area 8 before looking at the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Eigengrau mean?

German for “Intrinsic Gray” or “Own Gray”. It’s the color you see in the absence of any external visual stimulus. I think the name works well with the theme, the conflict between color and darkness, and the search for yourself.

How does the scoring work?

Regular Stage

Here the score multiplier increases every time you destroy regular enemies or you interact with certain gimmicks (combo). The combo resets when the time runs out or you take damage. You also receive a small combo bonus based on the multiplier you have when finishing the stage.

Boss Stage

Here the score multiplier depends on the current health of the boss enemy. You accumulate score by doing damage (chain), and if the time runs out or you take damage the chain is multiplied and added to your total score. The final chain will always be added with the highest score multiplier.

Time Bonus

You get additional time for obtaining badges (stars), and penalty time for taking damage. This affects the amount of time bonus and the medal you receive at the end of each stage.

Medal Bonus

This completion bonus is awarded after each area and depends on all the medals you received.

Evasion Bonus

This completion bonus is awarded after each area and depends on the amount of damage you took. (regardless of your shield)

How does the shield work?

The optional shield is on-top of your normal health and will not affect your score or time (in any way). It is like a per-player assist-mode and can help you if you struggle with some of the gameplay.

A value of 20 is a good default if you don’t have much experience with shoot ’em ups but still want a moderate challenge.

The shield regenerates a bit after each stage and in certain situations.

What do the area names mean? (spoiler)

All the area names are from Latin, except for the underwater area Nevo which is a made-up word based on Captain Nemo.

The volcano area Gelu and snow area Calor have their names swapped. Originally they were alternate routes, and when I made them sequential I accidentally mixed up their names. I decided to keep it that way, as I found it more interesting.

  1. Intro: to enter
  2. Virido: green
  3. Nevo: –
  4. Harena: sand
  5. Rutilus: red
  6. Gelu: cold
  7. Calor: heat
  8. Muscus: moss
  9. Ater: darkness

What do the boss names mean (spoiler)?


A Japanese bamboo sword used in kendo.


A geometric shape. The oldest boss in the game.


The mythological sea monster. (the dragon)

Tiger MK-III

From the German idiom “den Tiger im Tank haben” (having the tiger in the tank = to drive fast). This is the third version of the game and boss (the tiger).

Messier 87

One of the largest and most massive galaxies in the local universe, named after Charles Messier.


The Hebrew word for sand or phoenix (the bird).


Preceding the first. Originally this boss should not reveal his real name and always show random text instead, but that would have caused too many issues. (the tortoise[en.wikipedia.org])


The Australian Aboriginal language.


A Mesoamerican shapeshifter. This boss is still named Geminga in code (a star in the Gemini constellation), and Amemasu in data (from Ainu mythology). It changed a lot during development.

Is there a typo in WARNUNG?

No, this is German for WARNING!

What are those little drones I see all the time?

Some of them help you, some obstruct you, some are relevant for trophies or badges. Each one of them represents a specific color: yellow, orange, red, magenta, purple, blue, cyan, green.

They were inspired by the small drone from the MegaDrive/Genesis version of Toaplan’s Hellfire. I always called them “helpers” and so I kept that name in the game.


Where can I find my savegame and config file?

  • Windows
    • %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Roaming/Eigengrau/
  • Linux
    • ~/.local/share/Eigengrau/
  • macOS
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Eigengrau/

What game engine was this game made with?

A custom open-source C++ engine based on the SDL library. You can find the engine on Github and Gitlab if you are interested, but it is missing a couple of private changes required for Eigengrau.

Can I mod this game?

Yes, this game is moddable to some extend.

All non-proprietary assets like textures, sounds, and shaders are directly accessible and can be replaced or modified. They are either creative commons or public domain. You can find more information in the accompanying credits.txt file.

Proprietary assets are in the pack-files and can be overridden by placing files with the exact same path into the data-folder. The paths can be extracted from the pack-files.

Gameplay code and parameters cannot be modified (easily) at the moment, but I’m happy to answer any technical questions.


Why is there a password feature (spoiler)?

The password feature was originally a test for the text-input screen, but I kept it in the finished game for nostalgic reasons.

Here you can find some valid passwords:

  • SELADON: Play as a mysterious ship
  • ZINNOBER: Unlock all stages*
  • INDIGO: Unlock all fragments and the true final boss*
  • GAMBOGE: Unlock Power Shield*
  • SAFRAN: Unlock Mirror Mode*
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: Unlock Super Speed*
  • MAUVE: Unlock Pulse Cannon*
  • JADE: Unlock Wave Mortar*
  • SEPIA: Reset all story events and replay the intro (does NOT delete your progress)

*- This will change your save-game permanently!

How can I defeat enemies without pressing a single button (spoiler)?

A lot of the (optional) trophies/achievements are puzzles and require you to think outside the box.

Sometimes you may need to change one of the many options the game offers. You may also need to play in co-op mode, on easy or hard difficulty, or equip a very strong shield.

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