Metro Exodus – How to Get Good Ending

This short guide explains how you can get the good ending.

Guide to Get Good Ending


As in the previous part, Metro Exodus has two endings — a good one and a bad one. But if earlier, in order to achieve one or another ending, it was necessary to perform certain actions at the right moment of passing, in the new game everything is much easier with this.


  1. If possible, try to kill as few people as possible, especially if they surrender.
  2. Fulfill the requests of the NPC to search for various items, rescue survivors, etc.
  3. Find and deliver a teddy bear and a guitar on the Volga, as well as a family photo during the chapter “Caspian” (how to do this can be found here).
  4. To find out about the friendliness of the character, use the sight (green or yellow means that the character has no evil intentions).
  5. Do not kill soldiers in a chapel or on a barge on the Volga.
  6. Do not kill the helper soldiers on the bridge when you leave the Volga. It is connected with the fate of the Duke.
  7. Do not kill the character (his name is Saul) who jumps on the roof in the first mission in the Caspian Sea. If you spare him, you will get access to additional quests.
  8. Free the slaves in the mine and camp on the Caspian Sea. Deal with the guards in stealth. If possible, avoid killing.
  9. Do not kill wounded soldiers in the battle for the Lighthouse on the Caspian Sea and do not harm slaves during the task where you need to steal a tanker with water.
  10. If possible, do not kill members of the forest tribe in the taiga. In most cases, the murders of these guys can be easily avoided.

What will happen (good ending)

Attention, spoilers! After receiving a large dose of radiation in a Dead city, Artem almost dies, but he is saved by the Miller, who sacrifices himself and gives him his antirad. As a result, the Miller dies, but Artyom remains alive. He successfully delivers medicine for Anna, who also survives. The game ends with the Miller’s funeral. Artem, Anna and other Spartans gather together to say goodbye to the Miller. Artyom is appointed commander of the Order, after which he intends to fulfill the last will of the colonel — to save people.

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