Thronefall – Final Mission Tips

Tips to Beat Final Mission

Did all harboor upgrade as soon as possible, thing is, harbour build boats and the boats give you money, if the harbour is destroyed you still get money but no boat is built (so when you have already 5 you don’t really care) also upgrading double the money per boat (up to 10 gold per day).

Harbour on the right if you built the wall, ground ennemies will attack the wall first . On the left you have a gold mine, can be good to use.

For units you want flailers as melee, For ranged i went crossbow on the left and archers on the right (help with not getting harbor destroyed. Melee upgrade have priority over ranged.

For tower i built moslty everything but made 6T3, opti would have been 8. Used the bottom left as tank for outpost to clean the wave before last . After that you would want the two towers on the line between lake-harbour to be oil, and also the two top one of outpost, the top one of left camp and the left one of top harbour.

Boss will summons lots of adds but in range of tower, you can spawnkill most of the mobs with the oil tower.

For upgrade i played sword with gold from castle and better castle (Castle level 3 with that upgrade become a long rang minigun).

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