Thronefall – Official FAQ

Here are the currently most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Mac port for Thronefall?



It’s unlikely to happen, unfortunately!

Will there be a co-op mode?

We know it’s a highly requested feature. Unfortunately that’s rather unlikely, as it would take a ton of time.. but not totally out of the question. We’ll see.

How much will the game cost? Will it be free?

It won’t be free. The game will cost 6.99$ at EA (Early Access) launch. The price will likely increase by a tiny bit with further content updates.

When will the game release? What about the Early Access (EA)?

There isn’t an exact full release date for now; however, the devs stated it would be in the 3rd quarter of 2023. As for the Early Access, the announcement will be made soon by the devs. Stay tuned!

Will my progress from the demo being carried over to the EA / main game?

That’s the plan, yes!

Will there be a endless mode?

That’s definitely something we’re looking into, and it will likely come out at some point, but we can’t make any promises yet, as we haven’t made an assessment of how complicated it would really be to implement.

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