Geometry Dash – Effective Strategy for Practicing Demons

Geometry Dash - Effective Strategy for Practicing Demons
Geometry Dash - Effective Strategy for Practicing Demons

This guide gives you a good start on how to practice demon levels.
The purpose of this guide is to help people who are struggling with demon levels.
If you are already doing well at beating demons, this guide is not for you.


This will be a pretty basic guide, and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes finish.
This is only one strategy, but I have found it to be the most effective one.
If you are already good at practicing and beating demons, this guide is not for you.
This is intended for someone with less than 5 demons who wants to get better at beating demon levels.

So, let’s get started.

The Strategy

The strategy I use for practicing demons is really simple. Make a copy and place some start positions.
Making a copy is easy, and you probably know how to do that already. You just hit the button on the left side of the level screen, and enter a password if necessary. If you don’t know the password, check the level description. Then check the most liked comments. A lot of times someone will comment the password and it will be one of the most like comments on the level.

Now, you may come across a level that doesn’t allow you to make a copy. No worries. There is a way around this. Search *level name* “copyable” or “copy” (example: Speed Racer Copyable). Then follow the steps outlined above.
If there is no “copyable” for that level, then you’ll have to just keep using practice mode. There’s not much more you can do unfortunately.

After you’ve made a copy, I would suggest placing it in a folder specific for these practice copies. I called my folder “CFP” (Copy For Practice). You can call it whatever you want, but make sure you use this folder specifically for practice copies. That way you’ll be able to easily find the level you want to practice.

If you don’t know how to make a folder, it’s the little folder icon on the bottom right of the screen. When you hit that, go to whatever number you want, then hit OK. To name the level, click the gear icon, then enter the name.

Once you’ve got your copy/copies all organized, it’s time to practice. Go into the editor and place a start position before the part you want to practice. But keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure the start pos is in a good spot that won’t cause you to die every time the level restarts.
  • If you place the start pos in a ship, wave, UFO, ball, or spider section, make sure the ceiling and floor line up correctly to how they would be in the normal level.
  • Set the proper speed and mode for wherever you place the start pos.

And that’s it. When you’re done, play the level and start practicing.

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