Dead by Daylight – Solo Q Players Tips

Tips for Solo Q Players

  1. In solo Q it’s all about stalling killer. The best way to do it is to take situation under your own control – find killer on purpose and start looping him for 5 gens. You can’t just hope the other players will loop well and give enough time to do gens, in my experience, they drop in 10-15 secs per chase.
  2. Healing under hook is worst possible decision, it is cheap and fast but highly infective and risky. Killer with IQ > 0 will return to hook immediately after you get unhooked, especially the one with teleport like Sadako.
  3. A common mistake by so many survivors is going for immediate unhook. It takes what, like 60 seconds to reach second stage, means you can safely do gen for atleast 30 secs, only then go for unhook. Also very often i see survivors doing gen near hook, which is kinda double dumb, not only killer pressures your team with hooked person, but also with you + can smack that gen and ruin progress you did.
  4. Problem with campers is other teammates who will go die to Bubba facecamper. As for hook rotation, i can add to change your skin to blend with other teammates as much as possible to make it harder for killer to recognize who is who. If everyone wears red – wear red. If everyone dark black, change into black and take mist bottle offering.
  5. Skilled killers don’t respect pallets, it is better to eat pallet by wasting few stun seconds, then continue chase or break it instead of doing 20+ respect loops around it like moron.
  6. Bond and Window of Opportunity are must-have perks. Seeing where your teammates are means you roughly know where killer is. And seeing windows + pallets is super crucial, since with every patch their positions changes a little bit, so just memorising will not do the trick.
  7. So true, stop taking solo selfish builds and take 1-2 team perks. Kindred and Breakout are good starter kit.

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