Dead by Daylight – How to Use Tinkerer & Perk Combos

How to Use Tinkerer & Perk Combos

Information – Tinkerer: When a Generator is repaired to 70 %, you receive a Loud Noise notification and you are granted the Undetectable Status Effect for 12/14/16 seconds.

  • Tinkerer is very useful for killers with faster movement speed (Examples being Legion, Blight, Hillbilly, Spirit, & etc.)
  • If Tinkerer is active while your in a chase, its best to abandon the chase and go to the gen that a survivor is working on. A survivor can still hear your terror radios during a chase even with Tinkerer is active (not sure if its attended or a glitch, pls let me know)
  • If Tinkerer is active but there is a survivor in your sign but not in a chase, its best to chase that survivor but only if they haven’t finish a gen or two
  • If three gens are active, use your Tinkerer’s active power only on the survivors working on a gen. Doing so will help you buy some more time to chase them down. (be sure to damage the gen before chasing)
  • If tinkerer sense two gens being worked on, its best to go for the one nearest to you because there is a 50/50 chance of one survivor working on it.

Good combo perks for Tinkerer (on my opinion, pls comment what’s your best perk combo for Tinkerer).

  • Overload: This perk will help if you want to chase a survivor but also delay repairs on gens. Using Overload will prevent a survivor to stop the regress and go help his/her teammates plus since exploding a gen will notify you using Overload’s difficult skill check will help you with that. It also works if you have Thanatophobia
  • Pop Goes the Wiesel: This is pretty much obvious, Using Pop Goes the Wiesel is always the best perk to have if you want to delay gen repair. What’s great about Pop is that because of Tinkerer’s ability to notify a gen being in 70%, Pop can remove all that progress faster making it easier for you to not worry on gens being repaired fast.
  • Hex: Ruin: this is probably the most obvious thing but i’m going to talk about it anyways. Ruin is a great perk to have with Tinkerer, with Ruins power and Tinkerer’s ability to find a gen 70% finish you can scare the survivors away while ruin helps in regressing the gen. (Note: You might wanna run Hex:Undying just to be on the safe side)
  • Brutal Strength: This perk will help in speeding up the damaging speed of gens so that you can chase the survivor before they are gone. Using Brutal Strength is very useful when you wanna chase a survivor but need to damage the gen first. Actually The Tinkerer & brutal strength combo isn’t OP or great but its very reliable from time to time.

Welp, that’s as much info can give ya. Pls tell me if this guide help you in some ways and give me some useful feedback so that i can update the guide in the future.

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