Dead by Daylight – Killer Counters in 3 Sentences

Dead by Daylight - Killer Counters in 3 Sentences
Dead by Daylight - Killer Counters in 3 Sentences

My attempt to describe every killer’s weaknesses and counters as simple and understandable as possible, do not expect anything in-depth here as this is targeted for beginners that are still new to the game but doesn’t want to read a full 3000 words essay explaining how to play against every killer. Hope it would be useful to you, and of course.

Counter Play Against the Killers

Trapper (Low Mid Tier / Territorial / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • Check around windows and pallets before using them. A hit is better than stepping on a trap.
  • Pay attention to his movements, it might hint you where the traps are.
  • His early game is mostly just setting up traps for later, try to make the most out of that given time.

Wraith (Low Tier / Tracking / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • His outline can be seen from a distance while he’s moving, look around more.
  • Do not trust unsafe pallets or windows, his speed burst after the uncloak can grant him a free hit.
  • Always heal against a Wraith if possible, he’s very good at tracking and getting sneaky hits.

Hillbilly (High Tier / Map Pressure / Strong by default)

  • Making sharp turns while he’s sprinting can sometimes cause him to miss.
  • Rely on windows more than pallets, pallets are only useful against him if you can get a stun.
  • Right after he finishes his sprint, his character animation looks like he’s swinging his chainsaw but it actually doesn’t have a hit box and he can’t hit you in any way for awhile. Don’t be afraid to run through him to a pallet or window if you have to.

Nurse (Top Tier / Strong in chases / Strong by default)

  • Avoid line of sight so that she can’t blink directly into you. Be as unpredictable as possible.
  • Once she holds her blink she cannot cancel it to hit you immediately. Use that to your advantage.
  • She doesn’t have any ability to track or reveal survivors, so stealth is a viable option against her.

Huntress (Medium High Tier / Strong in chases / Strong by default)

  • Immediately crouching or making sharp turns can cause her to miss.
  • Her lullaby covers a large area so you might still be safe, but if you hear heartbeat, react quick.
  • She suffers no cool down after hatchet throws, so she can down you within seconds. Be careful.

Doctor (Medium Tier / Tracking / Strong by default)

  • If possible, avoid staying in his terror radius for too long as his ability works around it.
  • Drop the pallet early if you see him charging his shock while being too close to you.
  • Playing stealthily isn’t effective against him, focus on objectives or start running if spotted.

Spirit (Medium High Tier / Strong in chases / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • Avoid sprinting while she’s phase walking as she can’t see you but can see your scratch marks.
  • She might fake her ability by just standing still, so don’t run towards her unless you’re sure.
  • She also relies heavily on predicting survivors movement. So try to be unpredictable.

Legion (Low Tier / Split pressure and Information / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • A sharp turn or locker play can be effective against him while he’s lunging with frenzy.
  • At least have one survivor always healthy against him to perform unhooks safely.
  • Survivors staying far away from each other would hurt him a lot. Like a lot.

Ghostface (Medium Tier / Stealth / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • Avoid hiding in places with blind spots you can’t see clearly while healing or doing generators.
  • Always heal against a Ghostface, he’s can sneak up for a hit immediately without any warning.
  • He can be a very good camper, make sure he’s not around before unhooking.

Demogorgon (Medium Tier / Territorial / Strong by default)

  • He can teleport from one place to another through portals so don’t let your guard down.
  • It’s usually a better idea to not destroy his portals. It’s too risky and also not that worth it.
  • Try to perform window fakes instead of vaulting to bait his shred, it can be effective at times.

Deathslinger (Medium High Tier / Strong in chases / Strong by default)

  • Turning left and right while running straight can make it harder for him to hit you.
  • Rely on safe pallets more than unsafe ones and windows, drop them early if he’s gonna hit you.
  • His heartbeat radius is extremely small, so look around more to make sure you’re safe.

Oni (High Tier / Map Pressure / Strong by default)

  • Always heal against an Oni, it’s a no-brainer as that’s literally how he builds up his ability.
  • Avoid open areas, loops can make it much harder for him to charge directly into you.
  • He usually slugs to make full use of his ability, so when a survivor is downed go and offer help.

Plague (Low Mid Tier / Split Pressure / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • Avoid cleansing on pools that are easily accessible by her while she’s patrolling. If you don’t know what you’re doing, just don’t cleanse at all. Really, just don’t.
  • Don’t be afraid to get infected while you’re healthy, you’re likely gonna get infected soon anyways.
  • If you’re getting spat on, try to get her to hit you before you get fully infected for a speed boost.

Clown (Low Tier / Loop Stopper / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • Don’t get too greedy and drop the pallets early unless you have Dead Hard or something.
  • Don’t rely on windows loops too much, pallets are much stronger against him.
  • Staying on the same tile for too long is basically suicide, make sure you have a pallet or another tile nearby for you to switch anytime if you have to.

Pig (Low Tier / Slows down Productivity / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • Look around more, as she can crouch and hide her heartbeat while sneaking up to survivors.
  • Do not rely on unsafe pallets or windows, her ambush attack punishes those hard.
  • If you’re trapped, searching the box should always be your priority. You might die if you’re unlucky.

Nightmare (Medium High Tier / Map Pressure and Loop Stopper / Strong by default)

  • He doesn’t have heartbeat while asleep so Borrowed Time doesn’t always work against him.
  • Do not loop on the same tile again and again, he can trap or re-trap it in no time.
  • Do not intentionally run to a teammate or a clock just to wake yourself up. Be more productive.

Cannibal (Low Tier / Defensive / Reliant on Add-ons)

  • Hug the walls tightly while running so that he might accidentally collide with obstacles.
  • Never hide in dead ends where he can just body block and get a free down with his chainsaw.
  • He’s one of the strongest campers in the game, almost never force an unhook if he’s camping.

Hag (Medium High Tier / Territorial / Strong by default)

  • His early game is mostly just setting up traps for later, try to make the most out of that given time.
  • She might trap windows which you can trigger without actually vaulting over. Just get close to it.
  • Hag clones have a fake heartbeat (Meaning that it won’t trigger Borrowed Time.)

Shape (Medium Tier / Strong in chases / Strong by default)

  • He starts the game with zero heartbeat, be very aware until you hear the audio cue.
  • Avoid LOS so that he can’t stalk you as much, this can hurt him a lot as he’s early game is slow.
  • Rely more on pallets than windows when he’s in Tier III.
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