Dead by Daylight – Ace Main Guide

Dead by Daylight - Ace Main Guide
Dead by Daylight - Ace Main Guide


Note: Credit goes to Plaquer

Ace mains are few and far between, and for good reason. Not everyone is prepared to handle the responsibility of being their team’s savior. Ace mains must show altruism in even the most dire situations with utmost grace and form. So, do you think you are up for the challenge?.

The Life of The Party

Dead by Daylight - Ace Main Guide

Ace is known as the suave gambler, he is willing to take risks to save his team and look good doing it. Your primary goal as an Ace player is to be respectful. You must always say gg after a game no matter how it goes, it shows good sportsmanship and is essential to your role. Remember to look out for your teammates, if you see someone struggling, do whatever you can to aid them (i.e. take hits, distract the killer, cleanse ruin). To be an Ace main means to be graceful even in defeat, so remember, you are a gentleman, not a scumbag.

Perks and Items

As an Ace Main, feel free to use any perks you enjoy, we are not here to dominate, we are here to have fun. If you are a capable survivor, it is highly recommended to run perks such as Bond, Empathy, We’ll Make It, and Borrowed Time. Each of these perks will help you aid your teammates when they need it most. Items are Ace’s specialty, his teachable perk: Ace in the Hole allows you to get addons with every item you find in a chest, so make use of it. If you are running a plundering build (i.e. Ace in the Hole + Plunderer’s) make sure to let your teammates know not to touch the chests, and make sure to distribute the items to teammates, spread the wealth, you’re all on the same team here. Insta-Heals are usually frowned upon, so use them scarcely and wisely. Any other items especially Flashlights are great for Ace mains, any way you can support your team will be appreciated.


As an Ace main you must follow our Golden rule: “Don’t be a ♥”. This means No T-bagging, No Flashlight Clicking, no false reports or witchhunts. Do your best to roll with the punches, if another player wants to be toxic, either ignore them or do your best to aid whoever is being harrassed. Care about your fellow players and always remember: “Don’t be a ♥” and you’ll do just fine.


Ace mains look out for their fellow Men and Women of the Fog, make sure you give a proper greeting at the beginning of the match. T-bagging at your teammates 2 to 3 times at the beginning of the match is the standard greeting, remember to be Polite! If a teammate is getting chased, leave them be and do something important, you have to trust that your teammate is keeping the killer busy and make the most of the time you’re given. When unhooking teammates, remember to not instantly unhook, even with Borrowed time, it puts both you and your teammate in unnecessary danger. Always remember, Teammates are your most valuable asset, no matter the situation, you must always help your teammates before all else, as Dwight says “I need you to survive so that I can survive!”


Congratulations, you’re now a certified Ace Main! Always remember, no matter your skill level, no matter who you are, be respectful, and make sure to have fun and enjoy your time in the fog. Good luck out there!

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