Dead by Daylight – Ranking Up & Bloodpoints Guide

A simple guide to explain the Emblem system, Ranking up, and Bloodpoints.


Bloodpoints are an in game currency you are rewarded with for completing different tasks/actions. These points are used to level up your different characters in order to unlock new perks, items, or addons. Bloodpoints earned in a match max out at 32,000. This can be multiplied however with the use of Offerings like Bloody Party Streamers or certain perks like Barbecue & Chilli. Any Bloodpoints earned can be used towards both Killer and Survivor.

Different actions/tasks are worth different Scores. For example performing a “Good Skill Check” (while repairing a Generator) is worth 50BP, while a “Great Skill Check” (while repairing a Generator) is worth 300BP. A “Great Skill Check” (while healing) however is worth 150BP. Other ways to earn Bloodpoints include cleaning totems. Cleaning a “Hex Totem” will grant you 1500BP, while cleaning a “Dull Totem” will still earn you a quick and easy 1000BP. 300BP is earned for hitting a Survivor, and 100BP is earned for breaking a Pallet.

Both Survivor and Killer have their own unique 4 “categories” (Boldness, Brutality etc.) While some of the tasks themselves are similar to ways to earn Emblem points (and are earned within the same “categories” as Emblems), Bloodpoints do not count towards Rank or Emblems.

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Emblems are a part of the ranking system. Different actions/tasks you perform during the match will determine what “award” you are given at the end of the trial based on how good or bad you did in 4 separate categories. Survivor and Killer both have their own unique categories. The “awards” you can be given in each category are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Iridescent (being the highest.) Performing poorly in a given Emblem category can also result in no “award” being given whatsoever. Some categories start at 0 points at the beginning of a match while others already have points. Depending on what you do or how you perform in a match, you can ether add, or lose points in each category. This varies depending on the category itself, and what side you are playing (Survivor vs Killer.)

In the “Gatekeeper” Emblem for Killer, 250 points is needed to be awarded with Bronze, while to earn Iridescent you must get 900 points. 600 points will be awarded in this category if at the end of the match all 5 generators have not been repaired, while you will only earn 200 if 1 generator remains (and 0 points if 0 generators remain.) During the match you are also awarded 5 points for each generator that has not been repaired, for each minute that passes (with a max of 9 minutes.)

In the “Lightbringer” Emblem for Survivor, 30 points is needed in order to obtain the Bronze “award”, and 270 points needed for Iridescent. 20 points can be earned just for cleaning a “Dull Totem”, and 5 points is awarded to each Survivor every time a generator is completed. You can also earn 15 points for opening an “Exit Gate”, and even earn points for repairing generators (1% = 1 point.)

The better you do in each category, the more likely you are to Rank up. Each Emblem “award” you achieve is worth its own points, which contribute to earning pips and what Rank you receive for playing. Receiving no Emblem award will result in earning 0 points, a Bronze Emblem will result in earning 1 point, increasing all the way to Iridescent which will earn you 4 points.


Rank is both a reflection of how well you do in matches, as well as how often you play. Your Rank is “reset” every month on the 13th. When this happens you will be pushed back one “Rank class/colour.” If you are Rank 1 (Red Ranks) on the 12th, “Rank Reset” will push you back to Rank 5 (purple Ranks.) In order from lowest to highest the Rank classes/colours are Brown (17-20), Yellow (13-16), Green (9-12), Purple (5-8) and Red (1-4.)

In order to go up in rank, you must earn pips. The amount of pips required to rank up varies depending on the rank class/colour you are in. 3pips are required for Ranks 19 & 20, 4pips for Ranks 13 through 18, and 5pips for Ranks 2 through 12. Rank 1 is the highest Rank you can achieve.

A player earns or loses pips based on the Emblems they receive in a match. Each Rank class/colour has certain point requirements in order to earn a “Safety pip” (0 pip), and failure to meet these requirements will result in a “De-pip” (-1 pip.)

Once you have met the requirements to “Safety pip” depending on how many points you earned, you can receive +1 pip or +2 pips. The requirements for both Killer and Survivor are the same in Brown and Yellow Ranks, but vary slightly from Green to Red. For example in Ranks 17-20, 0-8 points is required in order to “Safety pip”, earning 0-8 points in Red Ranks (1-4) will result in losing a pip (-1pip.) In Green Ranks 7-10 points is required to “Safety pip” as Killer, while Survivor requires 7-9 points to “Safety pip.”

Ranks 17-20 are also the only ranks not able to “De-pip” or go down in Rank, unless by “Rank Reset.”

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