Return to Shironagasu Island – True End & Achievement Guide

True End

Chapter 3
Send the new cipher / Time out.

Chapter 4
Enter the reference room after encountered the devil of shironagasu.
Hide in the cabinet.

Chapter 5
Culprit X closed it.
They sneaked in through the window.

Chapter 7
Who am i.
Who am i (again).


You Are Under Arrested!
[Location] Chapter 1 – In board 2
When neneko got seasick, you can touch her breast. Need touch twice for this achievement.

Endless Ending
[Location] Chapter 3 – Illusion
Choose “Send the previous cipher” or “Type in by intuition and send”.

Coffee Break
[Location] Chapter 5
When you are defusing a bomb, click any place in the box. repeat 10 times.

The Sixth Sense
[Location] Chapter 5
When you are defusing a bomb, you can ignore the advice. Remove the screws in the order of upper right and lower left.

Return to Shironagasu Island
This is a True End achievement.

Return from the Southern Island
When you cleared main story, EXTRA will appear in main manu. Simply clear extra story.

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