Dead by Daylight – Most Underrated Perk You Are Not Running But Should

Aftercare is probably one of the most useful and slept upon perks in the game, try it out, here’s why…

What is Aftercare?

Aftercare is a Jeff Johansen teachable perk which one can unlock at level 35 onwards.

It reads:

Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.

You see the Aura of the last 1/2/3 Survivor(s):

  • You have rescued from a Hook, or who have rescued you from a Hook.
  • You have completed a Healing action on, or who have completed a Healing action on you.

They also see your Aura.

All effects of Aftercare are reset upon being hooked by the Killer.

Aftercare Uses

I have been running Aftercare since my early DbD days. I found the idea of seeing other people’s auras really useful. So perks like Bond also appealed to me. However what I really enjoy about Aftercare is that the other person also sees your aura. And it has no range limitation.

Here are just some reasons why Aftercare is THE perk you should run based on my 1600 hours playing with it:

1) It is always useful

There is no single game where Aftercare did not prove useful. It always is and it works absolutely every time. Some people might be turned off by its down side which is the reset that happens after you are hooked. But Aftercare is designed very smartly in that someone will always save you from the hook. So even in the worst case scenario you will always have that one person link. But you’d be surprised how much unhooking and healing goes on in an average game. You will mostly have 2-3 teammates linked with you every time.

2) You learn how to read movements

Let’s say you’re playing against a stealth killer like Ghostface, Pig, Myers, Wraith etc. and you just switched your Spine Chill for Aftercare. Don’t worry about getting jump scared all too often. You will quickly learn when someone is getting chased on the other side of the map because they will suddenly start to run or drop palettes. So not only do you see your teammate but passively you also gain information on the killer’s whereabouts. This will help you relax a bit more and focus on other tasks.

You will often also see a person you are linked to heal someone. So you know at all times who is with whom, if they are doing a gen or perhaps a totem etc..

3) Communication is easier

You need a heal? Someone else needs a heal? No problem really.

Someone found the hatch and is trying to get your attention by emoting 2? Go there.

4) Protecting your teammates

Knowing exactly where your tunneled mate or someone on death hook is helps you protect them by body blocking the killer or “For the People” them. Because they also see your aura it will be easier to coordinate so you don’t accidentally body block them.

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