Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – All Leaf Types

This Guide will show you every Leaf in Leaf Blower Revolution.

All Leaf Types

Basic Leaf

The most basic form of leaf. It is obtainable in almost all areas.

Golden Leaf

The second variety leaf. Obtainable in any area other than the Abyss, the Celestial Plane, the Mythical Garden, and the Hidden Sea. It is unlocked for 10k leaves in the leaves shop. The Golden Leaf shop also features “Combo” for the first time, which is notable for increasing leaf amounts and overall progress in the game by a large margin.

Platinum Leaf

The third variety of leaf. Obtainable in any area other than the Home Garden, the Abyss, the Celestial Plane, the Mythical Garden, the Volcano, the ARS (Abandoned Research Station) and the Hidden Sea. It is unlocked for 10k golden leaves in the gold shop.

Bismuth Leaf

The fourth variety of leaf. Obtainable in any area past neighbors’ garden, excluding the Abyss and the Celestial plane, as well as all late-game worlds, like the platinum leaf. It is unlocked for 10k platinum leaves in the platinum shop.

Cosmic Leaf

The fifth variety of leaf. Obtainable in any area past mountain, excluding the Abyss and the Celestial plane as well as the other late-game worlds. It is unlocked for 10k bismuth leaves in the bismuth shop.

Void Leaf

The sixth variety of leaf. Obtainable in any area past space, excluding all worlds from the Abyss through to the Hidden Sea. It is unlocked for 10k cosmic leaves in the cosmic shop. Void Leaves are very important as they allow the player to get flasks which allow you to BLC (Big Leaf Crunch).

Exotic Leaf

The seventh variety of leaf. Obtainable in the Abyss, and the late-game worlds The Mythical Garden, The Volcano, The ARS, and The Hidden Sea. It is unlocked for 10k strange flasks in the strange science shop. Note, the Exotic Leaf is the first leaf to have BLC upgrades and is also the first leaf to not have any upgrades pertaining to ALB’s (Automatic Leaf Blowers). Exotic Leaves are also notably harder to blow away than other leaves.

Celestial Leaf

The eighth variety of leaf. Obtainable only in The Celestial Plane. It is unlocked for 100b Exotic Leaves in the Exotic Shop, and it’s associated world costs 1 million BLC to unlock. Celestial Leaves can be obtained by killing enemies in The Celestial Plane, printed by printers, converted from Exotic leaves, and from Celestial Leaf Seeds.

Mythical Leaf

The ninth variety of leaf. Obtainable in The Mythical Garden as well as being printed. It can be unlocked with 1 billion celestial leaves in the celestial shop. Like the Exotic Leaf, Mythical Leaves are also difficult to blow away, even with The Compressor (the most powerful blower the game had, Pre-Patch 2.0.0). Mythical Leaves also have the upgrade Printer Printer, which prints printers every second. The amount of printers is based on the level of the upgrade, it’s base value is 1. From this point forwards, the Mythical Leaf and further leaves do not have a section in the Prestige Coin shop where you can increase the Leaf rewards (by 100%). Normal Leaves through to Celestial Leaves all have this upgrade, which has the capacity to be upgraded infinite times.

Lava Leaf

Lava Leaves are the 10th type of leaf. Lava Leaves cost 10 billion Mythical Leaves to unlock, and the associated area is 500 million BLC. You can get Lava Leaves in The Volcano and The Hidden Sea, as well as being printed by printers. The Lava Leaf shop is the first shop to feature Celestial Leaf upgrades, which are upgrades solely purchased to add value to Celestial Leaf rewards. The Lava Leaf also has a “Printer Printer” upgrade, like the Mythical Leaf shop.

Ice Leaf

Ice Leaves are the 11th type of leaf. Ice Leaves cost 500 million Lava Leaves to unlock, and the associated area is 1 billion BLC. You can get Ice Leaves in the associated area, the Abandoned Research Station (ARS) and the Hidden Sea, as well as printers. The Ice Leaf shop is very similar to the Lava Leaf shop, but has higher values, most notably the +50k% Celestial Leaf rewards (Lava Leaf is +10k%) and +1000 BLC Coins rewards (Lava Leaf has +600 BLC Coins rewards).

Obsidian Leaf

The Obsidian Leaf is the 12th type of leaf. Obsidian Leaves cost 5 billion Ice Leaves to unlock and the associated world (The Hidden Sea) can only be unlocked by attaining the artifact Water Seal. Artifacts cost 50 million BLC Coins in the BLC shop to unlock, and the Water Seal artifact is found in the Abyss. The Obsidian Leaf is obtained by having 3 Lava and Ice Leaves stack upon each other, where Obsidian Leaves are created in it’s place. Obsidian Leaves are not printed by printers and have a much lower seed drop rate. However, Obsidian Leaves can be built up when you are offline if you are producing them/ are in the Hidden Sea world, then leave the game. Obsidian Leaves have a few upgrades pertaining to Artifacts, and like the Golden Leaf and Celestial Leaf, feature Combo upgrades.

Silicon Leaf

Silicon leaves are the 13th type of leaf. Silicon leaves cost 9.4 billion Obsidian leaves to unlock. They first start spawning in Leafsink Harbor, which costs 15 billion BLC to unlock. Silicon leaves can be had earlier via trading, and are affected by seed farming. This can be a quicker way to unlock everything, than getting 15 billion BLC first. Silicon leaves are able to be printed.

Benitoite Leaf

Benitoite leaves are the 14th type of leaf. They are formed by merging 5 ice and 10 silicon leaves. Benitoite leaves can be gotten via trading, before the area is unlocked. Benitoite leaf seeds have now been implemented.

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