Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Infertile Grounds Challenge Guide

How to Complete Infertile Grounds Challenge

Best Gem Upgrades

  • BLC Coins x3
  • Converters Output +300%
  • Offline Profits +750%
  • Prestige x3

This is the second most unique challenge behind Trader’s Crunch because of the limitations it brings, this however is the most difficult challenge other than Speedblower MLC%.

Special Consequences of the Challenge

  • You won’t be able to get much more than 10b/1e10 Prestige Coins.
  • You can’t get most Unique Leaves.
  • Because of low Prestige Coins, it’s hard to get all science converters net positive.
  • You can’t fully max any of the (permanent) leaf shops.
  • You can’t use the Celestial Converter to cheese past the Celestial grind.
  • Trading is nerfed since you can’t get infinite leaves of any kind.

I’ll be writing out most phases of the game since this challenge is so unique in comparison to any other.

BLC Shop

At the start there are some goals we want to reach in the BLC Shop, these are mostly similar to normal runs, but because of the special circumstances I’ll point them out:

  • Prestige+++++ up to 14 or so, it’s good to have to gain every bit of more coins, especially early on.
  • Converter upgrades Very good to break even earlier on your Black to Strange Science converters, just in general good since converters help you get more BLC too.
  • Printers upgrades Useful once you get some Printer Printers, not gamebreaking since you can’t get that many Printer Printers, but good nonetheless.
  • Master of Leaves Incredibly good like always, it helps you at all stages of the game.
  • Trading upgrades Good to get some leaves earlier post Exotic where you need to crunch absolutely loads to even get the new areas, you likely aren’t gonna get enough leaves to ever skip though since you can’t get enough of the other leaves to do that consistently (never get more than Trading Education 1, you can’t accept higher level trades anyways).
  • What the Combo Same story as MoL, an incredibly good upgrade as always for the entire duration of the run.
  • Nuclear Apocaleaves 5/ALB Tools Good upgrades to grab, really cheap and do what they need to do.
  • Automation upgrades (Area Teleport Bot, Upgrade Bots, Converter Start Bot) These are good to grab if you want to chill a bit more, though only grab them once they’re easy to afford (a few crunches max).
  • Auto Crunch Bot (and accessories) There is a lot of crunching to be done in this run, while the bot is a fair bit slower than doing it manually, it’s certainly nice to be able to just walk away from the screen and still get BLC for it. Don’t spend a fortune on it, but consider it if you want to play more idle.
  • Autobuy Priority Device This one goes hand in hand with Crunchy Coins, cherish it.
  • Crunchy Coins As always useful to have, even with low total prestige coins, later on, it’s even good to upgrade this beyond 1/10 so you can spend your prestige coins more liberally.
  • Unique Leaves Only get these once the cost doesn’t matter too much anymore since you’ll only be able to effectively get two Unique Leaves (Bone Leaf and Robot Leaf), still an upgrade you’ll wanna get at some point though, just because of Printer Printers.
  • Pets Good as always, I’ll point out any pets you want and the points you want them.

Early Game (Up to Celestials)

At the start of the game, not much changes yet, crunch away to get Pets (Foxo, Doggo, Squirrelo), Autobuy Priority Device, Crunchy Coins 1 and all cheap finite upgrades or good infinite upgrades to a level you’re happy with.

After having done a good few crunches we’ll want to get enough prestige coins to start the celestial grind proper and for most of the crunching for the rest of this run. Unlike normally, there’s no seeds to gain practically infinite prestige coins, so we’ll need to maximize Gold Combo and pile Exotic leaves with a night of offline for the largest amount of Prestige Coins we can manage (I’d say around e10).

With our Prestige coins in hand we want to set up our Autobuy Priority Device to only spend about e5 of our coins per upgrade (more is possible, but not my preference).

Beyond that spend some extra coins (up to e8) in Upgrade Discount and More Celestial Leaves for the Celestial grind.

Before finally starting off killing enemies in the Celestial Plane get up the damage upgrades in the Bismuth and Cosmic shops up to a reasonable level.

With all setup done, we need to do the Celestial grind and properly this time, equip Squirrelo and upgrade ALB Hit Damage (so you can consistently kill enemies), Celestial Marketing (up to 9), Worthy Enemies (up to 11) and More Enemies, Please (up to 13) before finally saving up for Unlock Mythical Leaves. It will take a long time (about 8 hours or so), but it needs to be done.

Mid Game (Mythical, Lava, Ice, Obsidian)

Once you’ve unlocked Mythical Leaves from the Celestial shop and got a good base there in Moar BLC you’ll want to crunch for The Mythical Garden.

Once unlocked you want to get about 11 Mythical Marketing online (or mixed online and offline), pile and then afk for Unlock Lave Leaves, plenty Moar BLC and at least 1 Printer Printer to speed up crunching, you’ll need it for the next big grind.

Having gotten as many Mythical and Celestial Moar BLC as we can, we want one more thing, which is a trade for Lava Leaves, it will still be a good while before we get the area and we’ve got printer printers, so any amount of leaves is good for this trade, any Moar BLC we can get is welcomed with open arms.

Now it’s time to crunch for The Volcano, Artifacts and The Abandoned Research Station in that order (mostly because we’ll be wanting any and all BLC Orbs we can grab), it will take some time, so if you want to, set up the Auto Crunch Bot, or just do it manually.

After unlocking the areas you should have enough Lava Leaf Printers to Unlock Ice Leaves fairly fast, to get enough Ice Leaves for Unlock Obsidian Leaves either pile and offline or just wait for your printers to do the work depending on your preference (I suggest a mix of the two).

Obsidian Leaves will take a good amount of afk time and proper piling, at the start you can go for about 2-3 Obsidian Marketing and some Obsidian Combo, after which you’ll want to pile and afk for a few hours.

With the piling into afk you’ll want to spend all your Obsidian Leaves on getting 5 Obsidian Marketing and as much Combo as possible, after which you’ll need to pile again.

It’s possible there’s still a small bit to gain from doing this for another cycle, but at this point it took me only 6 hours of afk time to Unlock Silicon Leaves.

Late Game (Silicon and Benitoite)

My suggestion here is to look for any Silicon trade to get the printers running, after some time you should be able to Unlock Benitoite Leaves, which you’ll only be getting through trades. With really good luck you can get around e9 Benitoite Leaves, which is more than we’d get, even if we unlock the area, which we’ll be skipping.

Once you’ve earned your batch of Benitoite Leaves from trading you’ll be unlocking Borbs, all Moar BLC you can afford and whichever miscellaneous things you’d like besides that.

Equip Borbo for a bit so you can enter the Cheese Pub and gamble for the Zoo Necklace, you should have plenty of cheese from accepting any and all trades so far to get it nearly guaranteed.

Now for the longest BLC grind in the game, unlocking Leaf Tower.

My main advice here is persistence and/or a good setup for your Autocruncher with lots of patience. Any orbs you collect during the grind will massively reduce the amount of crunches you’ll need to do, so obviously grind your crunches in volcano, preferably with Foxo and Flocko to speed up the grind any bit we can.


In the Leaf Tower you’ll not be doing a lot of damage to start since you can’t get any maxed shops, though you should be able to take out a few enemies on floor 1 to start, go for % damage in the Silver Token Shop to start so you start getting past floor 1 and get more coins per enemy.

Once you’re able to get past floor 3 a bit more consistently from % damage, you’ll want to grind out 500 Silver Tokens for the flat damage, after which you’ll just be doing essentially normal tower runs until you beat floor 15.

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