The Ascent – Suicidal Achievement (Easy Way)

This guide is aimed at the people that beat the campaign but still need the 100 deaths for the achievement.

How to Unlock the Suicidal Achievement

What you want to do is reset all your skill points and unequip your armor, the lower hp if you have, the faster you die (obvious).

The location we are after is Scrapland which is located in Arcology: Highstreet, you can enter Scrapland via The Node. If you can’t find it there is a quest near the entrance called Plug & Play which will lead you to Scrapland.

This is where you should be.

The mobs around this area are level 24 and should kill you in an instant. When you respawn all you should do is walk forward and shoot a mob 1 time, don’t be alarmed when you don’t see mobs some of them still need to spawn and will immediately attack you.

This is should be your respawn point, every dead should only take a max of 5-10 seconds depending on your hardware.

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