Dead by Daylight – A Short List of Tips for New Survivors

Just a little guide to help newer players.

New Survivors Tips

Spread Out

Spread out. At the start of the match, do not hop on a gen with two other people. Grouping up makes the game extremely straightforward for the killer because they don’t have to make any decisions about map pressure. All they have to do is chase one person and they’re pressuring most of the team.

So, spread out. Even if you’re playing against a double movement speed addon Blight, you’re looking at a minimum of 10 extra seconds travel time between survivors every single time they want to find someone else. It sounds small but this is a significant amount of time in DBD. If you disagree, keep in mind this is about how much longer gens take now, and people seem to agree that change is too much. And against killers that don’t have godly Blight mobility, this strategy is much, much harsher.

When I play Doctor against a team that spreads out I am absolutely helpless. Gens pop left and right and there isn’t a single thing I can do about it because I genuinely can’t spread enough pressure. This is the single most important thing for survivors to do. You will win exponentially more games the more you spread out. Spread out. Do it.

Use. Your. Hook. States.

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing someone for the first time at the end of the game after I essentially was coerced into tunneling their teammate(s). This is the strategic blunder that survivors make the most often in my experience. Hook states are no different than a breakable wall or a pallet in that they are a resource that you have to use to win.

If you’re preserving your hook states, that just means someone else is dying more quickly than they need to. If the game becomes a 3v1 and there are still gens left to finish, the game is essentially over. The killer can play pretty sloppily and still win.

If you’ve not been hooked at all and one or more team members are on death hook, your job is to get chased, not to continue sitting on gens and letting them die. don’t be afraid to take a hit or a down to protect someone who’s dead by don’t make it too easy for them.

Do Something

I cannot tell you how many times over the years that I’ve hooked someone, looked around with BBQ, just to see that the entire team is standing around or shuffling aimlessly. These teams often flame me in endgame chat for “playing sweaty,” too. Which is pretty annoying. You should always be on a gen, moving towards a gen, going for an unhook, healing, or running the killer.

Always. Even if you’re solo queuing and don’t know what your team is doing, it’s still good to use your game sense to choose one of those things to do (e.g. if you’re near an unhooked survivor, just assume you’re the closest one to the hook. It’s a good idea to try going for the save yourself or getting the killer’s attention to draw them away from the hook).

Stop Hiding

Related to the previous point, stop hiding. “Hiding” is not a thing in this game. The killer will have perks, addons, or something in their kit that is designed to find you. “Hiding” just means “doing nothing until the killer inevitably finds me and gets a free hit.”

You win the game by doing gens and helping your team. Not by slowly entering a locker at the ass-end of the map or crouching behind a rock the second you hear the killers heartbeat

Pay Attention

Related to “spread out,” pay attention to where your team members are and lead the killer away from them. In my opinion, it’s even worth taking a hit to accomplish this, as it tempts the killer to commit to the chase. A 30+ second chase followed by an extra 10-20 seconds of holding W to get to another survivor is absolutely crushing for killers.

Just doing this once can put your team in a winning position. As a side note, this is also a good way to tell if you’re going against a good player; an experienced killer will not chase you if you run to an irrelevant area of the map. Knowing what you’re up against is always helpful and abusing things a good killer would know vs what a newer killer wouldn’t know is an amazing feeling.

Abandon the Gen

Abandon gens that the killer is camping. This one is hard to accept, but it’s incredibly strong. When a killer sees a gen is nearly complete, they obviously feel compelled to stay there and defend it. So, if you just bugger off and get another gen up to 50% before they realize what’s happening, they are ***. They will not be able to prevent both of them from popping or at least one of them.

Do Not “Use” Anti Tunneling Perks

Do not “use” anti-tunneling perks. By this, I mean that if you’re running DS and/or Off The Record, you should still seek to not use or need them. They’re meant to offer a buffer for you to get to a safe structure, not cure yourself of going down.

If you actively “use” your DS or OTR in any way, almost every killer will take that as an invitation to play mean and tunnel you. so unless you want to piss off the killer and be focused more than edp to cupcakes I suggest you don’t.

Use Tunneling

Use tunneling situations to your advantage. To me, the most obvious point here is that getting chased and learning how to loop is the most fun part of the game! So when I get tunneled, I secretly sorta enjoy it. And if the killer is focusing on you, the rest of your team is free to bulldoze through gens uninterrupted. Don’t just give up if you’re being tunneled.

I know it’s annoying to say this, but getting tunneled is actually good for your team (assuming they’re not totally useless morons). Running the killer as long as you can is the correct way to punish tunneling. If you just give up, you’re incentivizing the killer to continue doing it, down you, kill you then go off to kill your team which is extremely easier now that they’ve killed you.

So I suggest waste the killers time as much as possible even if it means running into the corner of the map, he will down you but at least you bought your team enough time to do gens. and me personally if I’m being tunneled all game and I still somehow escape that’s the best feeling of accomplishment and I bet the killer is extremely salty

Solo Queue

If you recognize as a solo queuer that your team is absolute asscheeks there’s absolutely no shame in abandoning the intended gameplay loop. Just **** around and get chased until the killer manages to sacrifice you.

It’s much less stressful than trying to compensate for 3 potato players. Occasionally, a killer will have empathy for your situation and meme along with you. that particular situation is the absolute best thing to have happen in this game. Misery loves company and such.

The Most Important

The last and final advice I can give you is don’t take the game too seriously. DBD is a buggy complicated up mess but I love this game (newer to it on PC) you can get salty and angry in this game however you shouldn’t take your anger out on people just because they’re playing the game a way you don’t like (unless they’re hacking) you just need to take a breather maybe drink some water and move on to your next game, losing a match isn’t the end of the world you can always re-queue and try again until you prevail.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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