Dead by Daylight – New Way to Do Gens without Holding M1 (4.5.0)

The esc thing was removed on 4.5.0 so I found a new way to do it!

How to Do It

  • 1 – Press Windows + R and type “main.cpl” then hit OK.
  • 2 – Turn Click Lock on, click on settings, set it to long.
  • 3 – That’s it, now every time you hold your m1 for at least 3 seconds it will automatically hold it for you and you just need to click again to release.


This shouldn’t affect how you use your pc in general but there are a few things that this might affect. If you like to draw for instance, it will end up holding the brush/eraser, so In scenarios like this I’d recommend just turning Click Lock on when you’re gonna play and turning it off once you stop since it takes like 3 secs to activate/deactivate it.

Also, I tested it in some games and it doesn’t really affect shooting games and stuff, at least not the ones I tried, but then again, if you find it affecting something you don’t want to, only activate it when playing dbd.

Useless Info

I have repetitive strain injury (RSI) and holding m1 for long makes my finger hurt a little bit and since Behaviour got rid of the esc thing on the PTB and is not a fan of accessibility, I found a new way to do it.

Basically, windows itself has an accessibility option that holds m1 down for you after some time of holding it and you just need to click it again to release.

Since it was pretty convenient for me to have the esc thing in the game and knowing that it also helped people with problems similar to mine, I decided to make an updated guide, hope you enjoy it even tho it isn’t as convenient as it was before.

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