Slime Rancher – How to Survive the Wilds

Slime Rancher - How to Survive the Wilds
Slime Rancher - How to Survive the Wilds

Whether you are a first timer or a veteran we can all agree the wilds isn’t a safe place to wander around aimlessly, it’s to collect all those Kookadobas!…Oh and avoid the Feral Saber Slimes also, Which is why I’m making this guide, to help you (The Rancher) from being food to those awful ravenous Saber Slimes!

Survive the Wilds Guide

The Right Tools

Firstly it is recommended You should not go in the wilds without proper equipment. Thankfully the 7Zee Corporation was generous to provide you some with handy tools.

To make sure you leave the wilds with as much Kookabodas you’ll need these upgrades:

  • The Dash Boots.
  • The Jetpack.
  • The Heart Module Upgrades(Those are important if you are a biting magnet).
  • The Pulse Wave(very Important for evading the Feral Slime’s Stomp Attack).
  • And lastly The Power Core upgrades.

Now that you are loaded up….We can start the next step.

Know Your Area

Every Rancher Worth his plort will know each and every Nook and Cranny of the place.

And so should you! So instead of jumping immediately to collecting Kookabodas, instead take a few minutes to observe The Wilds and take note of the slimes the inhabit the different areas of The Wilds, and maybe even make a map for yourself! Most Importantly you’ll want to pin point the area where the mud ball of Kookabodas spawn those are worth 5 Kookabodas!

Stock Up and Self Defense

Now at this point you are all prepared right…? Well you are wrong my dear Rancher!

Heart Module upgrades and Pulse waves can only get you so long, If you want to truly learn to evade and dodge those feral slimes. You gotta use your tools right.

Here are some tips on evading or calming the Feral slimes down:

1. Prepare for the worse case scenario

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when your are on 50 HP and you can see a Feral Slime about to stomp you, you better counter it with your 7Zee Pulse Wave, or if you are out of energy it won’t hurt to use one of your Kookabodas to push the slime away.

2. Load up on Food

The best thing about Kookabodas is that they only need one compartment to store in your vacpack, so why not use the remaining 3 on food to feed the Feral slimes? Which is where Ogden’s Spicy Tofu comes in handy, However if you don’t have enough consider stocking up on Hen Hens, Carrots, and Pogo Fruit (Any Fruit Veggies or Meat is fine but the most common is the best).

The End

And it’s as easy as a delicious Kookaboda Omelette with Painted Hen Eggs! And remember, your tools are your best friend in The Wilds (right after the Kookaboda of course).

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