Slime Rancher – How to Get into The Wilds

Slime Rancher - How to Get into The Wilds
Slime Rancher - How to Get into The Wilds

Alright, so I had trouble finding out how to get to the Wilds when I found out it was released, so here’s a guide to help the people who also had a bit of trouble finding the teleport pad and what’s needed.

Step #1: Mandatory Unlocks

  • You must have the Overgrowth expansion (Costs 1795 NB) 
  • You must have the Moss Blanket unlocked (Needs 1 Slime Key)

Step #2: Progressing into the Wilds

  • After unlocking the expansions you must go to your trading center and select Ogden Ortiz as the selected rancher 
  • Successfully complete the trade and you will get a Star-Mail (Any time of the day) 
  • A tele pad will appear in the section between the Overgrowth and the main section of the Ranch

Slime Rancher - How to Get into The Wilds

  • The tele pad brings you to a new Ranch 
  • At the new Ranch you must interact with another trade station to deactivate the forcefield which prevents you from leaving a small area.

Step #3: Enjoy The Wilds

  • After deactivating the forcefield, The Wilds are yours to explore, enjoy.
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