Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – How to Get the Characters’ School Mode Endings

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - How to Get the Characters' School Mode Endings
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - How to Get the Characters' School Mode Endings

This one is to show the instructions on how to get the characters’ School Mode endings if you have trouble on doing so.

How to Get…

You have to complete all of the characters’ report cards by Day 50 or 51.

That also means that you have to earn the Mr. Know It All achievement and other achievements you can get from completing each character’s report card. You can do this either from going through free time in any chapters except the last one or School Mode.

Increase the relationship level of the character(s) you want to see the ending(s) of to maximum (10 hearts) using trip tickets.

It doesn’t have to be just one, but you can do it up to 1-5 characters per walkthrough, depending on how many trip tickets you have. You can also talk to Monokuma to check how many hearts the characters have, depending on what choices you made, though you have to choose the good/best choices in order to increase the hearts quickly, which is something I’ll make the guide on later.

Gather enough materials to build the the final Monokuma, Warlockuma.

If you have trouble on finding enough materials for that, just grind the characters’ collecting and cleaning levels to at least level 5, and once you have at least one Monokuma project completed, gather enough materials to make tools that can double the materials you collected, lose less HP, and double the cleaning, and consumables that can restore a lot of HP, restore the cleaning bar, and level up any character’s collection and cleaning levels, and there are some chances that Monokuma may give you some. Throughout many walkthroughs, the characters’ collecting and cleaning levels do not reset, so you can still grind them to the maximum level until you get the hang on building as many Monokuma projects you have, but the final one is important if you want to get the endings.

Pay attention to the characters’ health.

If it’s red, then you’re fine and you can choose whatever room you can look for materials in or do some cleaning, if it’s yellow, you have to choose either to collect materials in one of the room that can make them lose one or two hearts or clean, and if it’s blue, then your character(s) felt tired to do some work and need some rest. However, if it’s black, then your character(s) is(are) down and cannot work or have free time until 3 days are up or give them a Nonsenzu Bean if you have any to recover them. One more thing, if it’s pink, that means any character is feeling really good, and it will boost his/her collecting or cleaning. Btw, never let Makoto’s HP go down, otherwise, free time wouldn’t happen for a while until his HP is restored.

Pay attention to the cleaning bar as well.

If it’s empty, then all the characters have to clean for a day, meaning that you will not collect any materials or have free time throughout that time. To avoid letting it go way down, I suggest you have at least 1 character up to a half of them to do some cleaning while the rest will do some collecting, and make sure the bar stays to at least half full. I also recommend you build some tools that can double it and consumables that can restore the cleaning bar automatically.

P.S. Also, one more thing, if you’re aiming to get the achievement, School’s Out Forever, you need to see all of the
characters’ endings. This may take a couple of walkthroughs in order to aim for that, but try so hard to get
their friendship levels to maximum and build as many Monokumas as you can to get a lot of trip tickets.

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