Journey to the Savage Planet – A Higher Calling Quest Guide

Journey to the Savage Planet - A Higher Calling Quest Guide
Journey to the Savage Planet - A Higher Calling Quest Guide

Journey to the Savage Planet Guides:

To start investigating the tower, you will first need to complete A Higher Calling, unlocking the proton tether for traversal across the planet. This mission must be completed before continuing your journey up the mysterious tower.

Complete A Higher Calling Mission Guide

Locate and Extract the Sample

Use the fast travel network to travel to the Meteor Crater using the fast travel network you unlocked in Alien Architecture.

Travel to the area marked by your hud until you come across an aggressive plant species called the Sproutlook.

The sproutlook is impervious to damage from your Nomad pistol so in order to gain access to the cave and take out the sproutlook, you will need to use the rocks to sneak around him and perform a takedown.

Continue to travel through the lava filled cave until you reach a room with several bombegranite plants and a blocked door. Pick one of the bombegranite fruits and throw it at the blocked door to blow it open.

Once through the newly created doorway you will be faced with the Proton Tether shrine. Walk up and extract the sample from the shrine to gain access to the Proton Tether upgrade.

Craft the Proton Tether

To craft the proton tether, you will need the extracted sample and 150 pieces of silicone. Silicone can be found in abundance on AR-Y26. You can gain it by eliminating certain wildlife (Jellywaft, Skipper) or by searching for large clusters of yellow crystals. shooting a cluster will grant you 50 silicone while killing wildlife will give you anywhere from 5-10. Once you have the necessary materials, you can return to the Javelin and Craft the Proton Tether.

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