Journey to the Savage Planet – Investigate the Tower Mission Guide

Journey to the Savage Planet - Investigate the Tower Mission Guide
Journey to the Savage Planet - Investigate the Tower Mission Guide

Journey to the Savage Planet Guides:

In this guide you can find all needed info about how to complete the mission.

Guide to Investigate the Tower Quest


  • Note: Only then you have completed A Higher Calling, you can start to investigate the base of the tower and learn more about the mysterious tower at the center of AR-Y26.

Find a Path to the Base of the Tower

Start your climb up the tower under you reach a platform with barnacle looking growth on the walls above you.

These are used to throw grapple seeds at and create your own grapple points to attach to using the proton tether. If you have no grapple seeds on you, there is a metal seed pod right in front of the growth you can shoot to obtain some.

Continue up the mountain until you reach the Cliffs of MT. Gzarfyn. Here you will find another fast travel point for Alien Architecture and continue on your path to the base of the tower. eventually you will be faced with your first boss of Journey to the Savage Planet, the Cragclaw.

Fighting the Cragclaw

To defeat the Cragclaw you will need to shoot the orange glowing bulbs at the end of its armor while dodging the attacks it throws at you. His main attack is a wave of fire you will have to either jump over or duck under. He also may occasionally shoot rocks that will cover a pillar you can jump on in lava for a short period of time.

Shooting the orange glowing areas is all you must do, he has no transformations or attack change ups. Defeating the Cragclaw will give you access to the Bombegranate shrine, allowing you to complete the quest Kill it with Fire and unlock the Bombegranate Stabilizer gauntlet for crafting at the 3D Printer.

Continuing up the Tower

Continue to travel up the tower until you reach a picture on a wall depicting what looks like a man jumping with fire coming out of his shoes.

This will give you the mission Up, Up, and Away to unlock the boost jump upgrade and continue your journey up the mountain. that is just the beginning however, because once you unlock the boost jump and reach the ledge, you are then faced with an area only attainable if you have the advanced proton tether. If you haven’t already you will then be given the quest Rollercoaster Rails to unlock the tether upgrade.

After you have completed Rollercoaster Rails and Up, Up, and Away! you can then reach the peak of the mountain to face your next big challenge… The Floopsnoot Matriarch.

Defeat the Floopsnoot Matriarch

The floopsnoot Matriarch is a large purple mass with tongues flying out of holes all over it’s body.

To defeat the Floopsnoot Matriarch, you will need to jump from platform to platform shooting the orange glowing spots across her body. Eventually, after depleting her first health bar, you will need to use the corrosive plants in the area to melt the amber protecting her weak-spots across her body.

Once you defeat her, you will then gain access to the caustic altar to complete the Fun with Corrosives quest and craft the Blight Bomb Stabilizer.

Gain Access to the Tower

To Gain Access to the tower you will first need to power the two generators that are currently not powered. To power up the generators you will need to complete Sychi’s Trial and Fixtau’s Trial. Before you can attempt those trials however you must finish Ground and Pound and Static Panic for the proper upgrades for your suit. Once you have finished the proper missions and return to the Enigmatic Spire, the door once locked will now be open and accessible.

Venture inside the Tower control room and press the button in the center of the room to activate the tower and finally gain access inside. You are now ready for the final descent into the tower!

Below is the final act of the game and includes major spoilers for the final boss battle. Discovering the final boss for the first time is a cool moment so it is highly recommended to leave the guide right before the final boss and come back if you need help beating it.

Inside the Tower

Now that the tower is open, use the fast travel system to travel back to the Broken Bridge. The large door to the tower once close will now open up to you.

Take the teleporter inside the doors to enter the tower…good luck. You will have to clear parasitic vines from 3 floors to reach the final boss at the bottom of the tower.

First Floor

Take the elevator inside to the first floor of the spire. On the first floor you will notice right away these flesh-like vines.

Each floor will have 3 vines you need to destroy by popping large yellow balls at the end of each one. All you will need to do is follow the vines to their ends and find the weak points. One will be in a room full of Boomerbangs.

A second will be directly under the platform you start on.

The final one will be on the bottom level of the first floor, hidden behind a turned over seed preservation pod.

Once you pop all three the elevator should move down to the bottom level and you can press the bottom to move on to the second floor.

Second Floor

One of the vines on the second floor is located in a cracked seed preservation pod along the wall. Follow the vine to the wall of Preservation pods and shoot the cracked one on the second row to the left.

Another vine will be located on the bottom level, this time in between two broken seed pods.

The hardest vine to get to on this floor is this one, located between all the seed pods you will see an area you can throw a grapple seed at (if you have none there are plenty of metal seeds pods on this floor).

Grapple to the point you just created and jump into the room on your right. In the top right corner you will see a wall you can break with a bombegranite seed.

Only Problem is when you step foot in the room, two pikemanders will pop out of the ground. You will need to defeat them before you can reach this last vine on the second floor. Once you’ve defeated them, jump up onto the ledge you opened up and destroy the final vine.

Third Floor

The first one you can shoot on the third floor is actually directly in front of you when you are coming down the elevator.

Be careful though! The two growths on the left and right of the vine will start to shoot at you once it is destroyed so keep that in mind!

Usually when you die, you will be spawned back at your ship, luckily in the final section of the game you will still spawn on whatever floor you were currently on, so don’t be afraid about having to restart!

Another vine will be guarded by wildlife on this floor, this time it will be a slamphibian, it is however much easier to get behind the slamphibian and destroy the vine, so you do not have to beat him to gain access to the vine.

The final vine is actually hidden very well on the bottom level of the third floor. There will be two large seed pods that you can sneak behind.

Go behind them and you will find a ground pound area similar to the one you destroyed in Fixtau’s Trial. Slam through there and below will be the final vine you need to destroy.

This is your final spoiler warning before the final boss.

Teratomo Boss Fight

You have reached the bottom of the Tower and are now facing the death meatball himself, Teratomo [Photo] To defeat Teratomo you must pop the yellow zits all over his body. These deal the most damage to him but you can also shoot him in the eyes to deal slightly less damage. He has three main attacks he will use:

  • Acid Spray: Each of the three big platforms in the back have acid sprayers above them. When teratomo reaches his arms in the sky, whichever one you are standing one, Run! he is about to cover it all in acid, making you unable to stand on it for a short period of time.
  • Tentacle Slap: If you are standing close to Teratomo on any of the three small platforms in the center of the room, after a short amount of time he will raise his tentacles in the air, slapping each of the platforms at once. You will have a small window to jump off the platform and get out of there.
  • Jellywaft Summon: The final thing Teratomo can do is spawn some jellywafts to damage you while you are trying to fight. These can be extra annoying when combined with the acid spray attack, as they will make moving from platform to platform much more dangerous. it is you best bet to take these out as soon as they spawn.

You can use bombegranites to destroy a bunch of zits at once on the left and right sides of his body because they are closely grouped together thanks to his giant size. Each time you deplete one of his health bars he will spit his tongue out and give you access to the inside of his mouth where the planet seed is located.

Walk inside his mouth to try to pull the seed out, get spit out, and do it again two more times. Once you defeat teratomo you will be successful in removing the seed… but uh.. he may eat you. Luckily you uh… come out the other end.

That’s It! You have now completed the main questline for Journey to the Savage Planet! You will be able to finish up any secondary missions you may have left, including picking up any of the Alien Edibles you may have missed. Once you feel comfortable with your exploration of the AR-Y26 you can then return home if you have finished the Round Trip Secondary Mission!

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