Journey to the Savage Planet – Fixer Upper Quest Guide

Journey to the Savage Planet - Fixer Upper Quest Guide
Journey to the Savage Planet - Fixer Upper Quest Guide

Journey to the Savage Planet Guides:

This guide explains how to beat Fixer Upper Mission step-by-step.

How to Complete Fixer Upper Mission


Now that you’ve assessed the ships damage, it is time to start exploring AR-Y26. That may be hard considering Kindred Aerospace sent you with no gear, so you better start throwing something together

Find a Way Out of the Ice Caves

Travel through the ice caves until you come across the purple crystals blocking your way. Scan them with your visor to learn more about them.

Turns out you can destroy these fragile crystals but you will need to craft a Nomad Crystal First using the 3D Printer on the Javelin.

Craft the Nomad Pistol

Continue to travel through the unblocked parts of the cave until you come across your first Puffbird! Its so cute…

Time to Kill it.

Unfortunately to craft the nomad pistol you will need 10 Carbon, which can be easily obtained by smacking around some Puffbirds. Once you have collected the necessary Carbon return to your ship and use the 3D printer to create your Nomad Pistol

Now that you have the pistol you can return to those purple crystals and break them, giving you a way out of the cave and the opportunity to continue to explore the planet.

Find the Alien Alloy

Now that you have more access to the planet, your on-board AI will tell you to search for an alien alloy the Cartographers have located on the planet.

Here you will come across your first pile of Orange Goo, which will give you the mission Alien Edibles. There 100 total mounds of goo on AR-Y26 and collecting them increases Health and Stamina.

Continue exploring until you come across what appears to be a frozen lake with orange goo on the opposite end. Unfortunately, what you expect to happen, will. The ice breaks dropping you below, not into a lake, but a den of Jellywaft.

Eventually you will come across a jump that seems impossible to make and will be given the Quest Jump! Jump! to complete.

  • You must complete Jump! Jump! before being able to complete Fixer Upper.

Continue Your Journey

Once you have completed Jump! Jump! return to the jump that seemed impossible before, but now with your Jump Pack you should make it no problem.

Continue along the path until you come across a giant plant with teeth, aptly called a Meat Vortex.

To clear away the vines and enter the next area, kick a puffbird into its mouth and once it lands the vines extending out from it will retract.

Continue to the marker set by your Cartographer until you come across this purple flower with a faint blue glow. inside is the alien alloy you desire but its locked within this chest like plant.

These plants are called a Vaultivore with this specific one being attached to a creature nearby.

Along this path you will see a large alien structure that will give you the Mission Alien Architecture. Complete this mission to learn about how to Fast travel in Journey to the Savage Planet

Fighting the Pikemanders

This will be your first true test in Journey to the Savage Planet, as pikemanders are ferocious predators with armor covering the front of their bodies. The only way to damage the Pikemander is to shoot the orange glowing balls on his tail.

Be sure to dodge left and right when they start to spin as they will try to charge and attack you. Dodging that attack and immediately shooting the tail is the best opportunity for you to deal damage. Once you defeat the first Pikemander, two more will show up before the Vaultivore will open up. Binding Bile, which can be found in metal seed pods hanging throughout AR-Y26. This will slow down the pikemander and also give you a better opportunity to get behind them and shoot their weak point. Once you have grabbed the Alien Alloy, return to your ship and insert it into the 3D printer to complete the Quest.

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