Bloons TD 6 – How to Gain XP (Faster and Better)

Bloons TD 6 - How to Gain XP (Faster and Better)
Bloons TD 6 - How to Gain XP (Faster and Better)

This guide will tell you how to gain XP faster and better for your towers.

XP Guide for Towers


This guide will give you an in – depth explanation on how tower XP works and the best way to gain it. Note that this is all based off how I have played the game and I wanted to share a few things.

How XP Works

This part of the guide will introduce the basics of how experience works and how you can gain more for certain towers. There is a more detailed explanation and strategies on how to gain tower XP in the specific section.

Round Experience and Distribution

Every round is worth an amount of XP and is shared among towers. 

Here’s and example:

  • A round has 1000XP to give if you beat it successfully.
  • You spend $600 on a Dart Monkey and $400 on a Druid
  • You get 600 XP given to your Dart Monkey and 400XP to your Druid.
    600:400 Ratio, in total being 1000 since the round is worth 1000XP.

So the XP is divided between them equal to the amount of cash spent on each different tower types.

You get more given to your Dart Monkey because you have invested more into that tower. The more you spend on a tower the more XP you will gain. And if you only use one type of tower, that tower will then gain all the XP given from that round.

If you had multiple towers of the same type but also some other towers, here’s how it would work:

  • You spend $300, $300 on 2 Dart Monkeys ($600 in total between the 2) and $400 on a Druid.
  • You get 600XP given to your Dart Monkey and 400XP to your Druid.
    300:300:400 Ratio.

You still get 600XP towards your Dart Monkey upgrades since that’s how much you have invested into the tower in total.

Difficulty Experience

  • The higher the difficulty, the more experience you will gain.
  • Pretty simple.

Hopefully this has shown you the basics of how XP works.

How to Gain XP Easily

This part of the guide will explain the easiest ways that I’ve found to gain easy and fast tower XP.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You gain more XP for the higher difficulty you play.
  • Single player will earn you easier XP.
  • These strategies are all for single player.
  • If you want to speed up the process even more, use Benjamin so you can get more money faster to upgrade the towers.


Simply any map on hard difficulty

Playing any map on hard difficulty mainly using the tower you want XP for is a great way to speed up the process. It does not matter if you lose or run out of lives, you can just restart. If you use this process you can just watch the XP roll in.

Deflation on Dark Castle

This is a hard mission to complete but rewarding with fast and easy XP. Just use the towers you want to upgrade and easily gain XP. Again, if you die it is fine, just restart.

Use your Monkey Knowledge points

Simply just use your Monkey Knowledge points in your tree for an easier run for XP.

These strategies work well in my opinion and have helped me out a lot.

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