Bloons TD 6 – What Hero Should You Choose Next?

Short guide to getting you the hero you need/want.

Which of The Default 4 Heroes Should You Choose?

Every player has access to these four heroes:

Quincy, Obyn, Gwendolin, and Striker Jones?

What hero should we use?

For most simple games, (regular easy, medium, hard and even C.H.I.M.P.S. modes) I recommend Quincy, Obyn and Gwendolin. They level up quickly and have fast ability cooldowns. This means they can get strong pretty quickly, especially in C.H.I.M.P.S. modes.

Last but not least, Striker Jones. If you need to use towers such as the Bomb shooter and the Mortar, Striker Jones is very helpful. His first ability is almost useless but his second ability is where it’s at. When activated, it resets ability cooldown for all Bomb Shooters and Mortar Monkeys. This means that he is useful as a support tower, however he does not perform well on his own unlike the other 3.

What’s The Best Hero for Half Cash? (and 3rd Best Hero to Choose)

Benjamin is most likely the best choice for half cash. He adds extra money to your balance at the end of every round but when he reaches level 5, every bloon that appears on screen will add $1 to your total. For this reason I will place him 3rd on the top three heroes. His abilities are great for support because the first of which increases popping power to a handful of monkeys within radius.

His second ability while active, turns every bloon spawned into it’s layer before. Example; a blue bloon would usually spawn. However, while the ability is active, it is a red bloon. even when the ability ends, if the bloon is still on screen, it remains red. This is extremely useful for extreme rounds like 98 where several blimps are onscreen. All of which can be turned into a predecessor.

Who Is the 2nd Best Hero?

I place Churchill 2nd on my top 3 list. He is a monster when at higher levels making him extremely reliable in later rounds. The only drawback of him is his cost. He will take around $2000 out of your balance every time you place him but I assure you it is well worth it. At level 5 he gains a rapid-fire MG atop his vehicle which is comparable to a super monkey. At level 6 he gains self-sufficient Camo detection. This means at level 6 he can pop every single bloon. His 2nd ability is also very useful as it damages the strongest MOAB-class bloon on screen dealing huge damage. For those reasons, he is 2nd on the top three.

Who Is The Best Hero?

Aaaand the winner is…


Sauda is an excellent hero. You can place her down first in ANY gamemode, (excluding co-op maybe) and is an extremely powerful tower. She levels up quickly, her abilities are tremendous, and she shreds MOAB-class bloons if placed in the right spot. Some people have even managed to do a 1-tower C.H.I.M.P.S. with her.

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