Bloons TD 6 – Recipe for The Vengeful True Sun God

Recipe for The Vengeful True Sun God


  • There Can Only be One Monkey Knowledge (it can be located at the magic section).
  • A Super Money with all it’s tiers unlocked (if you’re having trouble with leveling up i’m making a guide on how to level up monkeys fast).
  • A lot of patience.

Preparation Method

First of all, go on a gamemode other than C.H.I.M.P.S or Sandbox, because chimps disables all MK and sandbox disables this MK in specific. Then play the game normally and farm a lot, and i mean A LOT. Once you’ve farmed a little more than one million you can start actually start making the beast .

Get your super monkey and upgrade it to sun avatar (don’t upgrade the range of the Super Monkey before the process is finished), but before making it a Sun Temple you will have to make maximum sacrifices, that is $50,000 for every single tower type, primary, military, magic and support (one good thing to add is that for the first sun temple ou only need 3 of the 4 tower types maxed for the temple to be counted as maxed), let’s suppose that you have a MOAB Domination, a MAD and a Permanent Brew and you sacrifice them all, GREAT you now have a technicallly maxed temple now let’s move on to the next phase.

Get two more super monkeys outside of the range of the temple and upgrade them all the way to Legend of the Night and the Anti-Bloon, now go back to the main temple and do the same sacrifice strat all over again, but this time we MUST sacrifice all tower types, supposing, again, that you sacrificed the same towers plus a XXXL Trap after buying the True Sun God, CONGRATULATIONS you just summoned your very own VTSG.

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  1. Even though i already made my own custom combo, i bet this will be very useful for others, you can mod but it makes creating vtsg less fun, also free tower and upgrade mods dont work for this, due to it changing the price of the towers making everything cost zero so the sacrifice doesnt work. so if you wanna mod this out i would use cash from pops multiplier or something, but do it at your own risk since you could be hacker pooled and the ninja kiwi ban appeal service is really bad…

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