Cookie Clicker – Automatically Click Golden Cookies [MOD]

This guide will talk you through the neccessary steps to create a small mod that enables automatic Golden Cookie clicking (3 minute read).

What This Is

This guide will talk you through the steps necessary to create a small mod that enables automatic Golden Cookie activation.

I recommend that you copy/paste everything instead of typing it manually because some things are case sensitive. If something is not working, double check case sensitive file names, whitespaces and such.

I acknowledge that this guide is very quick’n’dirty and meant for more experienced PC users. If many people like this guide, I might expand it to be easier to understand for less technically experienced people.

Install the Mod

1) Go to your Cookie Clicker mod directory, either from the ingame mod manager or by using your explorer:

steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\mods\workshop\

2) Create a sub-folder named GoldenHunter.

3) Within this folder create two files: info.txt and main.js

4) Use a text editor and paste this into info.txt:

	"Name": "Golden Hunter",
	"ID": "golden hunter",
	"Author": "BlacKcuD",
	"Description": "Test mod which hopefully auto-clicks golden cookies",
	"ModVersion": 2.04,
	"GameVersion": 2.04,
	"Date": "06/09/2021",
	"Dependencies": [],
	"Disabled": 1,
        "AllowSteamAchievs": 1

5) Content for main.js

Game.registerMod("golden hunter",{
		Game.Notify(`Golden Hunter Mod loaded!`,'',[16,5]);
	    var autoGoldenCookie = setInterval(function() { for (var h in Game.shimmers){if(Game.shimmers[h].type=="golden"){Game.shimmers[h].pop();}} }, 1000);

6) Restart your game.

7) You should now see the mod “Golden Hunter” in your game’s mod list.

8) Enable the mode and restart the game.

9) If everything went well, you should see an in-game popup like this:

10) Enjoy automatic Golden Cookie auto clicking 🙂

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