Bloons TD 6 – How to Beat Moon Landing on CHIMPS

A quick and easy guide to help you beat Moon Landing on CHIMPS in a black border friendly way.

How to Beat Moon Landing on CHIMPS



  • Striker Jones

Upgrades needed:

  • Dart Monkey: 0-0-1
  • Glue Gunner: 0-2-3
  • Mortar Monkey: 5-4-4
  • Alchemist: 4-3-0
  • Spike Factory: 0-2-5
  • Monkey Village: 3-3-0
  • Engineer Monkey: 0-4-0

Rounds 6-40

Round 6:

Place 3 0-0-0 Dart Monkeys around the entrance and exit of the first crater while letting them see in.

Round 7:

Upgrade the top Dart Monkey to 0-0-1.

Round 10:

Buy Striker as soon as you can afford him and place him in the center of the 3 craters so he can see the lines between the craters.

Round 14:

At the start of the round place a Mortar Monkey close to the Dart monkey and aim it at the center of the first crater.

Round 15:

Upgrade Mortar to 0-1-0.

Round 17:

Upgrade Mortar to 0-2-0.

Round 20:

At the end of the round place a 0-0-0 Spike Factory at the exit.

Round 24:

Upgrade Mortar to 0-3-0.

Round 26:

Upgrade Mortar to 1-3-0.

Round 27:

Upgrade Mortar to 2-3-0.

Round 33:

Upgrade Spike Factory to 0-1-0.

Round 37:

Upgrade Mortar to 2-4-0.

Round 38:

Place 0-0-0 Monkey Village so both darts and the mortar are on the edge of the range but still inside.

Round 39:

Upgrade Village to 0-1-0.

Round 40:

Wait for moab to enter the first crater where the Mortar is aiming and when it gets in range use Striker level 3 ability to stun the moab. When the moab leaves the first crater re-target the mortar to aim in the center of the second crater. After the moab has been defeated re-aim the mortar back to the center of the first crater and upgrade the village to 0-2-0.

Rounds 41-75

Round 41:

Upgrade Village to 2-2-0.

Round 42:

Place a 0-0-0 Mortar next to the first mortar and aim at same location.

Round 43:

Upgrade Mortar to 0-2-0.

Round 44:

Upgrade Mortar to 2-2-0.

Round 45:

Upgrade Mortar to 3-2-0.

Round 49:

Upgrade Mortar to 4-2-0.

Round 60:

When bfb enters the first crater use Striker level 3 to stun it and when it comes back up use it again on the bfb. When the moabs start to leave the first crater aim both mortars to the center of the second crater. When you beat the round aim the mortars back to the first crater and upgrade the Spike factory to 0-2-3.

Round 62:

Use Striker level 3 when the reinforced moabs get to the first crater and as the first one leaves the first crater move the mortars to the second crater and leave them there until both reinforced moabs are fully popped then aim mortars back to the first crater.

Round 64:

Same as round 62 but wait for the second reinforced moab to enter the crater before using Striker level 3.

Round 65:

Same as round 60.

Round 66:

Same as round 62 and 64.

Round 67:

Upgrade mortar to 5-2-0 and place a 0-0-0 mortar next to it within range of the village.

Round 68:

Upgrade mortar to 0-0-2.

Round 69:

Upgrade mortar to 0-1-3.

Round 70:

Upgrade mortar to 0-2-3.

Round 75:

Upgrade mortar to 0-2-4.

Rounds 76-100

Round 77:

Upgrade Spike Factory to 0-2-4 (you can use any targeting you prefer).

Round 80:

As soon as you see the Zomg take burn damage use striker level 3 whenever you can to stall it and re-target either the biggest one and/or artillery battery to clean up any bloons that make it past the first crater then go back to the first crater as normal (this applies to any rounds with zomgs so do this every time one shows up if not mentioned).

Round 84:

Upgrade spike factory to 0-2-5.

Round 86:

Place 4-0-0 Alchemist next to Spike Factory.

Round 87:

Place 0-2-0 Alchemist in-between the 2 Dart Monkeys in range of the village.

Round 88:

Upgrade Alchemist to either 2-3-0 or 1-3-0 depending on preference and place a 0-0-2 Glue Gunner between the Dart monkey and first Mortar.

Round 89:

Upgrade Glue to 0-1-3.

Round 90:

when the first ddt gets to the end of the first crater move aim to second crater on first 2 Mortars to clean up.

Round 91:

Upgrade Glue to 0-2-3.

Round 92

Place 0-2-3 Glue at the entrance.

Round 93

Move mortar aim as needed for dtt clean up and at the end of the round place a 0-1-0 village next to Striker.

Round 94:

Upgrade village to 0-2-0 and place a 0-3-0 Engineer Monkey anywhere you feel like it.

Round 95:

Now that Striker has camo detection you can use level 3 to stun the ddts and since Striker is also level 20 you can use the level 10 ability to get double damage. As always aim as needed.

Round 96:

Upgrade Engineer to 0-4-0 and place a 2-0-0 village next to the perma-spike.

Round 97:

Overclock the biggest one and use Striker 3 and 10 whenever available while in a crater.

Round 98:

Upgrade the village next to the perma-spike to 2-3-0 while keeping the biggest one overclocked.

Round 99:

Use overclock and both Striker 3 and 10 when the ddts get inside the crater. Upgrade the village next to Striker to 2-2-0.

Round 100:

This is the final round before victory and if you have aimed you mortars well this will be the first time the spike factory has gotten a single pop since round 37 and feel free to spend the rest of your cash on whatever you want personally I upgraded the first village to 3-2-0. All you have to do this round is keep aiming all mortars at the BAD using striker 10 and overclocking the biggest one. By the time the BAD reaches the spike pile the mortars should have weakened it enough for the spikes to take care of the rest. If you did everything right this should be what you see at the end of the round.

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