Bloons TD 6 – Beginner Tower Suggestions

This is a guide To give newer players Suggestions on towers to use, Sorry if this isn’t really good as this is my first guide ever made but I hope you gain some great advice out of this guide!

Beginner Tower Suggestions!

Before we start, Let me talk about myself as a player!

Alrighty Hello!

I am Matt! also known as Wastes on Btd 6 and RevolutionaryBaby7 on Reddit, I Been playing The Bloon series since back in Coolmath while in 3rd grade but I enjoyed it more later on with Btd 5 introducing co-op which me and a bunch of friends would spend hours at our public Library seeing how many ninjas we can fill on the screen, But now I’m a young adult and I still find it Interesting to see little monkey fellas create bomber planes, Mortars that can level an whole city and Actual Godly figures using their full force of power just to Pop some rubber; I have spent 194 hours as of writing this which doesn’t seem like a lot but I spent a majority of that time watching other Bloon Youtubers like Isab so I can try and become as good as him but We all have our limits in life so i’m not nearly as good but I still know a bit to help newer players, Here are my stats of my profile to show you my medals I have collected throughout my Btd 6 Life.

Suggestion #1

M.o.a.r Glalves

Some people tend to worry about large clusters of bloons, round 63,76 are great examples of The Victims that This Boomerang upgrade that turn these rounds into soft Butter, This guy Has 130 pierce which is a lot, Both 4/2/0 and 4/0/2 are good paths but i personally Like the latter for the increased attack speed much more then the double damage, I also pair it with An Alchemist that’s already buffing my main damage dealing tower like a Ninja or a Heli Pilot like this for example.

Suggestion #2

Icicle Impale

The First Teir 5 of my Suggestions, Icicle Impale is in my books an A Teir tower, Not only can it beat larger Moab class Bloons on it’s own but it can also slow them down with The Permafrost upgrade, which Can be the Leading factor to a Win, I like 2/0/5 and I like to pair it with a Primary Training Village and I use it with other strong towers like Sun god but this is mostly for hard mode maps, don’t expect it to be super used in a chimps run but in regular runs you’ll find it pretty “cool”.

Here is an example of a sorta chimps run type thing.

Suggestion #3

The Big one and Biggest one

These two are Pretty good towers, the wide explosion is great and can even be more powerful if you have Striker Jones with it, it can be amazing with the right support and it’s great in maps that are longer, here is an example of how it can be used.

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