Plague Inc: Evolved – How to Farm New Gene-Types (Modify Gene Code)

Plague Inc: Evolved - How to Farm New Gene-Types (Modify Gene Code)
Plague Inc: Evolved - How to Farm New Gene-Types (Modify Gene Code)

How to Farm New Gene-Types Guide

Step 1: Boot up your game (if you don’t have it, buy one ya stupid potato!).

Step 2: Press the following : Single Player -> Main Game -> Play.

Step 3: Press on “Bacteria” and then press continue.

Note: You will see “Modify Genetic Code” menu before you enter the game – these are starting symptoms you can pick after winning once or more.

Step 4: Press “Continue”, choose Casual difficulty (makes life a lot easier” and name your Bacteria whatever you like!

Advice: Name it something funny, as it will make for good news boxes!

Step 5: When you get in, start in Saudi Arabia. At the bottom left corner is a red counter – that shows your DNA points and at the bottom right corner of THAT, there is a button. Press it to enter the menu for choosing symptoms, abilities and transmissions.

Step 6: Now at this point you need to follow this order of symptoms, abilities and transmissions (you may want to wait until you have around 18 DNA points to combo-evolve the first ones (You will have to wait for points in between (if a symptom suddenly appears which increases the purple Lethality bar, DEVOLVE IT INSTANTLY).

  • Go to Symptoms and evolve Rash, Sweating and Skin Lesions.
  • Now go to Transmissions. You will have to wait for points in between, but you need to evolve in this order of Water 1, Insect 1 and Air 1.
  • Go to Abilities. For now you only need to take Drug Resistance 1.
  • Now go evolve Water 2, Insect 2 and Air 2.
  • Later, evolve Coughing, Sneezing, Nausea and Vomiting.

Step 7: Now wait until about 4.5 – 5.5 billion people are infected on the planet (you can see the infected count at the bottom center of the screen.

Step 8: Now that you have way too many DNA points, evolve Immune Suppresion / Pulmonary Fibrosis and then TOTAL ORGAN FAILURE. Then evolve Necrosis and Hemmorhagic Shock. You will definitely notice that the Lethality bar is pretty high, but now it is supposed to be like that!

Step 9: Now wait until almost everyone died. ALMOST. Then you should open up Options menu (press Esc on your keyboard), click Save Game and Save Game in the menu again.

Step 10: Let everyone die! You will get The End Plague and Insane Bolt achievements (Bacteria Victory if you play on Normal or higher but again, that’s not advised).

Step 11: You will now notice the message “The following new gene type has been discovered and unlocked”. Now remember fifteen seconds ago you saved the game? Well, load it (Main Menu -> Load Game -> *name of only save you should have*)!

Step 12: Watch the last few people die again! Afterwards you will notice the “New gene unlocked” message will pop up again with a new gene type! It will also appear the third time.. and fourth… and repeat this loading until you get all the genes!

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