No More Room in Hell – Host Server with Friends

No More Room in Hell - Host Server with Friends
No More Room in Hell - Host Server with Friends


Note: Credit goes to Dysphie

Hosting a No More Room in Hell server requires port-forwarding. Port-forwarding makes your computer accessible to other players on the internet and it is achieved by defining rules in your modem/router. Each router is different and I can’t cover all of them, if at any point you feel lost or stuck, google your model for device-specific instructions.

Accessing Your Router Settings

  • Click on the Start Menu and search for Command Prompt.
  • After opening the Command Prompt, type “ipconfig” and hit Enter.
  • Write down the IPs listed next to “Default Gateway” and “IPv4 Address”.
  • Go on your internet browser and paste the Default Gateway IP in the URL bar and hit Enter.
  • You should be taken to your router’s homepage. Most likely you’ll be asked for a username and password. These should have been provided to you when you bought your internet connection or will be written on the back of your router. Googling your router model might also return default credentials for it.

Setting Up the Port-forward

  • Scout your router’s interface for a section titled Port Forwarding (sometimes called Virtual Server)

  • Once spotted, look for a form to create the new port forward entry.

IP should always be the IPv4 Address you wrote down earlier. Start port and end port should be 27015 (both external and internal if asked). Protocol should be UDP.

Example setup:

  • Save the changes and close the page.

Testing the Changes

  • Hop in-game and hit Create Server, ensure that LAN Only is disabled, set up a password if needed and hit Start.
  • Go on and type in 27015 in “Port to Check”
  • If the result comes back green, congratulations, it means your port-forwarding has been successful and your friends can join the server.
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