Plague Inc: Evolved – Necroa Virus on Brutal (Strategy Guide)

Plague Inc: Evolved - Necroa Virus on Brutal (Strategy Guide)
Plague Inc: Evolved - Necroa Virus on Brutal (Strategy Guide)

My strategy to win with Necroa Virus on Casual, Normal & Brutal.

Necroa Virus – Brutal

Also works on Casual & Normal 🙂

My Gene Setup:

  • Cytochrome Surge or Metabolic Jump – Metabolic Hijack is on PC or Laptop more or less useless, so use of these two, which gives you bonus DNA points.
  • Creationist – best for this.
  • Aquacyte – I think this is not so important, but Aquacyte is probably best.
  • Xerophile – I used this bcs of Africa as I described later.
  • Spliced Activation – If you have unlocked this type, use it. If not, use another or let it empty. It’s not so important.

Start in India (or Saudi Arabia), then evolve Saliva 1 & 2, Blood 1, Air 1 & Water 1 and virus will start to spread. If you have DNA points left, u can evolve Urogenital Expansion too.

During the spread, evolve Drug Resistance 1 (2 is not needed imho) and Cold Resistance 1 & 2. Cold Resistance is used because at the beginning of the Zombiecalypse I started (bcs sympthoms mutated and cure was near to 90%), the Canada, Greenland and Norhtern Europe was almost not infected. But this is easily “repaired” with Zombie Hordes, described lately.

When the Infection reach at least 6 billion people, you are halfway done. One of the two possible sympthoms will mutate. (If the symptoms mutate sooner, when u have infected less than 5 billion people, it will be a little difficult, but still winable. But I suggest to save the game when u evolve all transmissions and abilities described earlier.) Wait until cure reaches cca 80-90% and then start evolving symptoms.

If mutated symptom is Insomnia, evolve Fever, Photophobia, Delirium and Cytopathic Reanimation.

If mutated symptom is Hyper Salivation, evolve Polyphagia, Gastroenteritis, Cannibalism and Cytopathic Reanimation.

Don’t worry about DNA points, in this phase of game you will have enough.

Now, you started zombiecalypse. Don’t worry about 100% cure (if it happens), it’s not important at all now. Now people will be dying and becoming zombies. Collect DNA points and evolve symptoms.

You have to evolve your zombies to be harder, better, faster & stronger.

Main Symptoms: 

You don’t need to use them all, still u will not have enough points to use them all, 75% of them will be ok.

  • Anaerobic Resuscitation
  • Enhanced Motor Control
  • Peptide Surge
  • Acidic Reflux
  • Naja Mortis
  • Autothysis
  • Dermal Calcification
  • Cranial Elephantitis
  • Bone Dysplasia
  • Masticatory Tension
  • Anabolic Boost
  • Lumbrical Hypertrophy

Optional Symptoms:

If some state(s) are not infected or occupied by Z-Team, go to abilities tab and evolve.

  • Horde Instinct
  • Horde Mentality
  • Horde Vocalisation
  • Horde Pheromones
  • Autolytic Delay & Regenerative Activation are useless in this guide

That means u send hundred thousand or millions zombies to another country, so it’s then easy to destroy Z-Teams or take over the country.

If the Z-Teams’ bases are located on the island with no zombies, u must send zombie hordes across the ocean.

In this case, its useful to evolve Structured Travel and other travel bonuses, which increases the speed of the Hordes.

Finally, on Brutal is most important to evolve symptoms, which improves zombie’s fighting abilities (right side of the “tree”). In that case, Z-Team will stand no chance and u will win the game.

Now you can just sit, drink beer and watch the world going to an end!

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