Plague Inc: Evolved – How to Beat The Vampire Virus!

This Guide explains how to beat the vampire virus on Plague Inc. Evolved!

Start to Finish

As soon as you start the game, you want to start in Greenland and start killing them. Do not evolve symptoms yet. Evolve some of your blood rage abilities and bat abilities. Once Greenland is dead then go for Iceland and start killing them. The templar are gonna start spawning in, that’s fine, just finish off Iceland.

Once you do that, hunt down the templars and kill them off. Make sure to retreat if your vampire is almost dead. Once all the templars are dead. Evolve and start placing lairs in spots that cover good chunks of the world.

Reason for this is that when you start infecting the world, cure labs will spawn, you’ll have to teleport to the lairs and destroy the labs. After, you’ve created the lairs, start killing some random country to build up DNA points, you’ll need to build up at least 200 points.

Once that’s achieved, immediately evolve infectivity in the abilities section first, then once you finish that, start working on transmission. Now, fly around infecting the world. In symptoms, you’ll need to go from the middle rights side and evolve towards the middle so you can get the enslaved ending.

During all this, you should be hunting down cure labs and infecting millions at a time all around. Once the world is completely infected, you’ll getting the enslaved victory!

This is how you beat the vampire virus. This strategy can be used on ALL difficulties. I hope this helps!

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