Farmer’s Life – Choosing the Right Wife

Spoilers ahead! How to choose the right wife in the game?

General Description

You can have only ONE wife in the game (you can load your pre-marriage save if you want another one). You cannot divorce, kill or get rid off your wife. Choose wisely.

All of them have different quest chains to get to the engaged status. You can do the quests for all of them. When you finally choose the one to marry, the others will stay as friends and will reward you with gifts.

You need to improve relations (either through completing quests or by giving them presents) to cordial (the blue zone) to be able to see the quest chain.

You will need to present an engagement ring and wedding rings to finally marry one of them.

The engagement ring (just one silver ring) can be found in a box on top of the OLD ruined church (a bear is around). You also can buy it from the priest – 1K or fish in a river (these are more expensive or lengthy ways).

The marriage rings (two gold rings connected) can be fished, bought from the mayor – 10K or found in a box at woodcutting mill.

In order to move from engagement ring to wedding, you will need to complete BOTH paths (quest line with the mayor and quest line with the priest).


What do you want to get the wife for?

  1. Help with mundane tasks
  2. Have another “pet” at your farm
  3. Get a night buff for your stamina if you sleep over night with your wife.

Wife specific tasks:


  • Animals: milking, sheering, cleaning
  • Collecting apples and berries
  • Better contracts in SIF


  • Animals: milking, collecting dung
  • Collecting apples and berries
  • Discounts with Tekla (seeds)


  • Servicing distillery
  • Discounts with her (sugar, mash)


  • Repairing tools
  • Discounts with the mayor (land plots)

All Wives

  • Taking animals to the barn
  • Paying electric bill
  • Servicing kitchen
  • Some discounts of shop specific

Do not expect much from your wife. She can do two-three tasks a day and often does not complete them.

If you ask to collect eggs, you may go and pick up some left (I have 80 eggs per day and my wife never collected them all). I removed it from the her task list.

If you ask her to service your kitchen, do not expect the water tank full or wood loaded. She probably add 1-2 buckets of water in one day. I found it low priority as I cook in winter and she cannot maintain the load, so I ended up doing loading myself.

If you want her to clean animals (Maria) or picking up dung (Ann), she is capable to do it but not 100%. I had Maria and I did not need to clean animals until I sell them. I had only 3 cows and a bull (plus Fluffy) and I noticed very often the animals were not clean.

The main task which a farmer likes his wife to be assigned to is to pay the electric bill, so you do not need to go to the mayor frequently. This task can be done by ANY wife.

Another task I like my wife doing was taking animals to the barn. I did not know how to do it myself and this task was done more or less properly (can be done by ANY wife).

Ann and Marie

  • Milking – is done ok.
  • Collecting apples, berries – I would not waste a task for that as it is done once a year.
  • Trimming sheep (only Marie) – if you do not have any other higher priority tasks like milking.

In conclusion, have not more than 3 tasks assigned to your wife or you will end up that nothing is completed. Do not expect any wife to do the whole list of duties.

Maintenance / Upkeep Cost

Any wife will cost you.

They do not consume any products per se but their relations to you will decrease over time unlike other NPCs. You need to boost it from time to time.

Each one consume specific products so be ready to cash out for gifts or make them by yourself: for example, Marie can be gifted with cigarettes.


I would not go into much details here. Just a few notes to avoid some frustration while completing the quests.

Riding – use 3 green syringes on a bull ride, go backward (“S”) – bug or feature I do not know tractor – take your time to make the turns, do not damage your tractor

Fighting – drink vodka to initiate a fight with Petr or Tekla press “space bar” to block

Collecting – use shovel at the right spot or just “E” – depends on the quest

Use wrench on the music organ to repair it.

Cook with only one ring removed on your oven to get the perfect broth.

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