TRAIL OUT – Wild Roads Secret Outfits

The locations of the 3 secret outfits added in the Wild Roads update.

Secret Outfits


Welcome to Trail Out, your last festival. This guide will cover the 3 secret outfits added in the most recent update called the Wild Roads which was released on 16th June 2023.


Before unlocking the 3 secret outfits, you must at least play the Trail Out Festival until you’ve unlock the Free Race game mode. There’s 1 secret outfit in each of the new tracks introduced in the Wild Roads update. To buy & equip the outfits, you must have unlock the Change Outfit option in the My Progress menu by playing enough of the Trail Out Festival.

Tracks & Game Modes:

The new tracks are called The Beach Way, Madagascar’s Heart & Apocalypsis Now which can be found in Classic Racing Modes called Rush or Mono.Class. These tracks can also be played in Non-Standard Modes called Hunter & Escape. However, the Escape game mode only has the Madagascar’s Heart track as of this posting.

Unlocking & Purchasing:

To unlock an outfit, you must find & drive over the red markers in your vehicle. If you’ve done each Boss race event & collected a secret outfit in each of them, it’s pretty much the same concept here. You don’t need to complete the event & you can just leave. Each secret outfit added in this update cost $10,000 to own & can be found in the Change Outfit menu.

The Beach Way

The location of the red marker is just past the start line, keep driving to the left side & you’ll see it prior to crossing the river. The red marker is exactly where my vehicle is parked as I’ve already collected it.

Madagascar’s Heart

The location of the red marker is around halfway through the track, keep driving to the left & you’ll see it prior to crossing the river near some rocks.

Apocalypsis Now

The location of the red marker is near the end of the track, keep driving past the forest fire & the small marketplace featured in The Beach Way track. You’ll see it on the left side of the track near some trees & before a building.

Secret Outfits

Vacation ($10,000)

Time for a well-deserved retirement.

Frank In Paradise ($10,000)

Last Weekend in Paradise.

Frau On The Beach ($10,000)

Last Weekend in Paradise.

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