Plague Inc: Evolved – Ice Find Achievement Guide

With the newest patch its possible to unlock the “Ice find” achievement. Here is how.

How to Obtain Ice Find Achievement

Steps to Unlock It

To unlock the achievement, you need to set up your investigation team as normal (buy: “Investigate outbreaks” and “Deploy field operatives”).

After a while you will see in the news banner mentions about a Permaice drillzone in a specific country.

Send your field ops in that country and wait. Some ingame days later the country will start digging. Just buy “Vaccine research” and “Outbreak Intelligent unit” (requires “goverment partnership”). I bought also the Tier 1 acceleration for vaccine but on my mobile account that wasnt nessessary.

Just sit back and relax until you see a popup saying “Breakthrogh at former drillzero site” and enjoy your new achievement.

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