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Can I turn off friendly fire?

Friendly Fire is an integral part of the Helldivers experience. The game was designed with Friendly Fire as a core part of the design. You will not be able to turn off Friendly Fire.

Can I play solo?

Technically yes, but this is not recommended unless you are the most fearsome of players. It’s a dangerous galaxy out there, where especially the harder difficulties are tuned for co-op. But no one is stopping you from flexing your lonesome prowess…

But fear not, if you do try to play solo and find yourself in a pinch, throw down the S.O.S. Beacon Stratagem and another player should be right there to help!


What type of currencies are in the game?

Super Credits can be purchased or discovered through gameplay. They can be used to purchase Warbonds, or to purchase armor from the rotating Surplus Store.

War Medals can be discovered through gameplay or awarded for completing objectives, and can be used to unlock the content in Warbonds.

Requisitions are awarded to players for completing objectives, missions and operations. They can be used to unlock new Stratagems through the Ship Management terminal.

Samples can be discovered through gameplay and come in three different rarities: normal, rare and super rare. Harder mission difficulties will contain more rare samples, as displayed when choosing mission difficulty. They can be used to upgrade Stratagems through the Ship Management terminal on your ship.

What is a Warbond?

Warbonds are bundles of game content made to bring more variety to the Helldivers 2 experience. They can be purchased with Super Credits, which can be bought by players directly or discovered through gameplay.

Warbonds can contain anything from emotes and player cards to armor, weapons and capes. The weapons and armor contained in Warbonds are designed to spice up the player experience, not to overpower the options available in game – meaning, a Warbond rifle may have the same damage output as a rifle that can be unlocked through gameplay, but have a new weird way of outputting said damage.

Each Warbond is divided into several pages of content. This content can be unlocked by spending War Medals, discovered through gameplay or awarded for completing objectives. Once you have spent a set number of Medals on one Warbond, the next page of that Warbond will become available. All medals spent in a Warbond, no matter which page they were spent on, count towards unlocking the next page. This means that you can progress through a Warbond at your own pace, in the order you prefer.

New Warbonds are continuously added to the game. Existing Warbonds will always remain available for purchase.

Why can’t I interact with the War Map?

Only the player whose ship you are currently on, i.e. the host, can choose a mission for a squad. The host accesses the War Map through a large touch screen in the middle of the War Table. Other players can use the smaller screens around the edge of the War Table to spectate as the host chooses a mission.

Reporting & Blocking Players

Selecting any person’s tab on your Friends list brings up a list of options that allows you to remove them from your friend list, report or block them( among other things).

You can also report or block a player you have recently played with by going in to the “recent players” tab and choosing the appropriate option.


I purchased something in the Warbond by mistake

Don’t worry about it! Mistakes happen to the best of us. Our Player support team will be happy to help you with this request.

Please make sure to include the following information in your support request:

  • The exact name of the item that you purchased.
  • The cost of the item.
  • The estimated time that you made the purchase.

Please note that we will only be able to refund items that were purchased within the last 72 hours. You are also limited to 3 requests of this nature per year.

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