Soulmask – Starter Tips

How to Start

General Tips

You need to move more stealthily until you repair your mask more.

After gaining a few green shards you can unlock the ability to scan the area, and you can upgrade the ability’s range over time.

You can restore your ability mana by consuming the sunstones like food.

Your morale will essentially give you crippling depression which acts as encumbrance to you.

You will need to address the needs of your character so they never get to that state.

However, taking massive damage will also destroy morale, but you can sleep in a bed to recover it over time, so no worries.

My Experience

Once I fell off of a cliff, but survived. I was able to heal myself up but my morale was so low I was walking very slowly and encumbered.

I just quickly made a wicker box and dumped everything in there. I ran (walked fast actually, couldn’t run) back to my base and laid down while I IRL fixed a quick meal.

When I came back I was standing on my bed fully ready to go, and thankfully made it back with plenty of time to get my stuff.

Also, you can invite people to your clan, but you will have to create it first on the clan menu, and then they can request an invite from you. The clan menu will show a list of interested people, and you can select them and give them titles, roles, and permissions.

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