HELLDIVERS 2 – A List of Useful Tips

A little list of some useful stuff you might not knew about, in no particular order.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Holding down the reload button allows you to change some weapon settings, like the range of the scope, fire modes and the flashlight. This obviously doesn’t apply for every weapon, but for most primary weapons for sure.

Enemies are obstacles and nothing more. Unless you have to actively kill them for a mission you should do your best to just avoid as many enemies as you can. Enemies drop no loot or don’t increase your payout, so there is no point in killing every single enemy

Enemy factions have scouts who call in reinforcements. Ever wondered why the enemy keeps calling in dropships or bug tunnels? The most basic enemies are the factions scouts, and upon seeing you they usually call for aid immediately.

It might be unsatisfying to ignore the big bugs juicy weakspot to shoot the small fry, but they are actually the main threat as they just call in for more and more enemies

Live today to spread democracy tomorrow. I know, this might sound like something a traitor would say, but hear me out. Unless you actually manage to wipe out the entire swarm of enemies they will just keep coming.

You don’t gain a medal for killing hundreds of bugs, so if there are too many enemies? Just disengage, restock and resupply and wait till things are a bit calmer before you play around with a terminal

Being sneaky and avoiding patrols is possible and should be utilized, especially on the higher difficulties.

Weapons like the Recoilless Rifle and the Autocannon work way better if operated as a team. The user of the Recoilless can wear a supply backpack while his reloader uses the Recoilless Backpack, ensuring smooth ammo flow for both Helldivers.

The Resupply drop cooldown is shared between all Helldivers. Make sure you use it when the entire team can benefit from it.

Stims don’t just heal you, they also restore your stamina. If you have a swarm of bugs on your tail, just pop a dose of Liberty into your veins and keep on running.

Side objectives matter, but primary missions are primary for a reason. If possible, do your primary missions first. Nothing worse than miscalculating with a side objective and burning through 20 minutes just to get that done and then having no time to properly defend your extraction as the destroyer is gone already.

Try to not guide a massive cluster of enemies to your extraction. If you see 3 of your fellow Helldivers already sitting in the extraction and you are being chased, be the bigger Helldiver and don’t guide all the enemies to them.

Big fights in a static place get messy very quickly.

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  1. Of course, that’s just my opinion as well, and I’ve had positive experiences with it. For example, the barrages are incredibly effective at softening up heavy bases or anything that is fortified before entering to clear the rest, and they are much safer and more effective at hitting and dispersing large portions before your assault than anything else really is when used against robots on the hardest difficulties.

    • Many of my problems with the barrage would be resolved if they fixed the area of effect or offered you the option for concentrated and effect fire.

  2. Eliminating the bonus energy damage. I don’t know if this is a bug that will be fixed, but as of right now, there is no bonus damage. My friends and I have all tried various approaches to using energy weapons, and it doesn’t seem like there is any difference in damage between them and standard ballistics.

  3. It is brought up that chargers have a leg weakpoint because some have reported that their front legs have crit bonuses while their rear legs do not.

  4. I would also add that you can go a little bit faster with the shell in the SEAF if you spam E.

  5. Some players claim that there’s a more effective way to eliminate the chargers (armored bugs). They absorb a lot more damage if you use a heavy weapon (such as a railgun or rocket) to strike one of their legs because the armor is removed.

    • It’s not just the legs; you can literally hit any part of them with a rocket or railgun to remove the armor. When I watched the same video, I wondered why it wasn’t included. When the legs sustain enough damage, the charger will only operate a little more slowly.

  6. Is it possible to obtain a certain number of super credits or medals per mission? Although I am aware that there is a bug that stops you from picking them up, it feels like there is since I usually stop being able to after I get a few. Are you aware if this is a purposeful restriction or merely an error?

    • I just need to keep farming those golden beams of light; I haven’t personally seen a limit, nor have my buds and I experienced any slowing down in getting them.

      For Flarysis, I reasoned that the head/torsa thing should explain how to kill those two, but if people are unsure of what to look for, I can add specific pictures later. The Hulk, with its ridiculously small head, and the Tank are the only two genuine bots that are hard to hit glowing weakpoints on.

  7. Nice guide; I’m not very good at the game, but I think some key points were missed. For example, most heavy automaton heads can be destroyed by light or medium weapons; you can tap a berzerker or devastator in the head with a well-aimed shotgun blast; and I recently killed a Hulk by controlling a heavy turret and firing briefly in the head.

  8. If used correctly, the 380 and walking barrage are a godsend. They are excellent at covering a retreat, especially when a few large, bothersome guys are pursuing you. more so if there are, say, three bile titans positioned out and they start to approach you, shoot you with your 380, and then flee; if they survive, they’ll be easy targets after that.

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