Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Sister of Thorn Builds

Just some builds for you to get ideas from.

Introduction to Sister of Thorn

She’s a versatility character, similar to Mercenary and Witch Hunter. She does a bit of everything, has a high skill ceiling, and rewards creativity.

  • 125 Health
  • All party receives 25% more healing
  • Can store 2 ults with separate cooldowns.
  • Deals up to 50% damage to enemies the lower health they are
  • Any overhealing received by party members goes to her

The Ult

A wall is placed, blocking enemies, and dealing damage to any hit by it. This can be used to block a doorway or any slim path. It also has a talent that turns it into a high damage nuke without a wall.

This ult has 2 separate cooldown timers. A talent can allow one to be stored, allowing up to 3 consecutive casts.

Cooldown: 40 seconds for the first meter. 60 seconds for the second meter.

Unique Weapons

Her unique weapon is the Deepwood Staff, and I’ll just refer to it as the staff from now on. It is similar to Sienna’s staves. It hurts you to vent it, but blowing up does not kill you. Instead it hurts you and forces you to not use the weapon until it has cooled down.

The primary fire of the staff is a burst fire rifle, essentially. Several thorns are shot out rapidly, taking time to travel (not hit scan). The secondary fire of the staff is a long stun to any enemy (except bosses). It will levitate them in place for several seconds.

The Javelin is not unique to her; any elf can use it. I’ll talk about it, just for your sake. It has 3 ammunition and functions very similar to Bardin’s throwing axes. They cannot be picked up, and must be regenerated like the axes. It has no block, but can do melee attacks.

9 Bloody Crits

Weapon: Javelin/Staff

  1. Use either Scrounger or Heat Sink trait on your ranged weapon.
  2. Take the talent for 3 consecutive ults.
  3. Take the talent that gives 3 crits for each ult (stacks per use).
  4. Take the bleed on crit talent.

Now you can do 3 ults to a boss, followed by 9 crits, which all cause high bleed damage. Since you are using Scrounger or Heat Sink, the 9 crits will use 0 ammo. 12 javelins to the face. A storm of thorns. Take your pick.


  1. Take the 3 ults talent.
  2. Take the 10 second extension talent.
  3. Place walls in doorways and corridors to prevent enemies from reaching the team.
  4. Can be used to trap bosses.

Enjoy playing tank and keep the enemies at bay endlessly.

Bounty Hunter

  1. Take talent that gives one free shot per 8 seconds.
  2. Take the nuking ult talent.
  3. Take the talent for 3 ults.
  4. Take the talent that gives 3 guaranteed crits per ult.

Now you can pretend to be a Bounty Hunter. Infinite ranged ammo; many ults to spam.

Drunken Brawler

  1. Take the talent for 3 ults.
  2. Take the talent for combat buff on 2nd and 3rd ult use. This buff is like being on a speed and strength potion at the same time, for 15 seconds.
  3. Take your pick of damage talent from row 2.

Your 2nd and 3rd ult will proc a speed+strength potion, which have 60 second cooldowns. You can still use your 1st ult without affecting the 2nd or 3rd cooldown. It’s like you’ve got a drinking problem but somehow are really good at fighting.

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