Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – How to Complete All Outcast Engineer Achievements

This guide lists the most challenging Outcast Enginner achievements and how to complete them.

How to Complete All Outcast Engineer Achievements / Trophies

First of all: some challenges are extremelly easy to complete and you shouldn’t worry about them: you’ll do them as you play the game without even noticing. Below are the ones that tend to require more work:

Interception Barrage (hit a Rat Ogre with a bomb mid-jump)

Screaming Bell: after you break the Bell’s chains, ask you teammates to stay away from the Ogre and not draw its aggro: have you bomb ready and wait for it leap. Having everyone clustered togethered and far from the gate where the Ogre springs from might help.

Ong, Twuk, dew, Fut, Sak (throw five bombs at a single monsters)

This one is not necessarily difficult to do, but you might kill the monster with those bombs in easier difficulties. I did it with a random Rat Ogre on Into the Nest on Legend difficulty. Just to be safe, ask people in you party to not attack the monster before you have thrown your bombs. Use grenadier and ask you teammates to carry one or two extra bombs, just in case.

Stout Heart, Steady Aim (shoot a monster 30 times without missing)

The only risk here is killing the monster before you are able to empty your clip. Your best friend is a troll: wait for it to regenerate before you continue. Play with at least one friend (who will draw the boss’s aggro) and kill the bots if necessary. Hunger in the Dark, with it’s guaranteed Troll spawn, is your best bet.

Bombardment (Kill a distant Rattling Gunner with a bomb)

Fortunes of War is great for this one, since a few gunners spawn right at the beginning at fixed locations; if you miss, you can just start over. The only problem is having to finish the map to get the achievement, but you can play it on recruit if you want. By the way, you have to be REALLY far away for it to work, almost across the map. Alternatively, you can just play the game (especially Into the Nest, where they are more likely to spawn) and try to kill one when you find it.

An eye for a target (score 1000 headshots)

Concovation of Decay on recruit/veteran: find a long corridor in which enemies come from only one direction and fire away. It’s a good idea to do it with the Send the Next Wave deed to speed up the process. Use Conservative Shooter and the Armor Piercing Slugs talent and you’ll score two headshots at a time and have infinite ammo. Even then this might take a while.

Fundamental Force (push 200 enemies off a cliff using the Cog Hammer)

Into the Nest, go get the first tome and use that narrow pahtway to push hordes down. Bring a Hadmaiden along for the extra stamina. Shouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 waves of enemies to complete.

Field Trials (Complete a mission killing enemies only with the Crank Gun)

Just choose a map that you can speedrun through on recruit. This is way better if you do it with friends, because you shouldn’t even push the enemies, in case you accidentally push-attack one of them; let them take care of it.

I love the smell of black powder… (kill 20 enemies by shooting a barrel)

The map The Pit is perfect for this one. Grab the barrel used for the first grimoire and head directly to the cheese spot behind the box near the ladder (check the pictures below). Wait there for a sizeable horde to spawn — they should stop right in front of you, and will just stay there. You’re safe as long as you’re behind that box. When you have enough enemies together, put the barrel close to them and shoot it.

This is the cheese spot when you first see it.

The view from “inside”.

The ladder next to it.

Targeting Array (score 20 consecutive headshots on elites)

The same safespot on The Pit is perfect for this one. With Twitch Mode activated, wait for a patrol to spawn: they should stop right in front of you and stay mostly still. Just shoot their heads. By the way, this one is buggy and you only need about 5 shots to complete. If you are having trouble shooting Stormvermin or Berserkers, wait for some Chaos Warriors and Maulers to spawn.

Targeting Calibration (kill a monster, an elite and an especial with one Crank Gun activation)

The same spot on The Pit (with Twitch Mode activated) works for this one as well: just wait for one of each to spawn, hit the monster until its health is quite low, then finish it off, following up with the two other kills.

Endrinkuli’s War Song (Fire the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun for 50 seconds in one activation)

This requires Twitch mode and some luck. Get a purple potion and wait for the Concentration Blessing to come up; 5 seconds before it starts, drink the potion and start firing: the effects of the potion and the blessing should combine, giving you all the time you need.

There are two other alternatives: You can play a random map and find 4 purple pots along it, then drink the pot (you need decanter) and ask a person with proxy to drink their pot close to you (and far from the rest of the team, in case the buff actually goes to them). If you have Innovative Ammo Hoppers (thir talent of level 30) activated, you can also try the Assassin Stash on Horn of Magnus, but both of these two are less reliable than the first one.

Come to Bardin… (Find the lost cog)

It can be at a few random locations in the keep. Here is the guide (link). By the way, you don’t even need to be at your own keep, or even playing Bardin, to complete this challenge.

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